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    Venerable Dreadnoughts

    I found rules for space wolves venerable dreadnoughts in aus white dwarf 246 which had a few extra rules than the one in the SM codex (Plasme cannon, TL autocannon, TL heavy bolter and can be picked as an HQ choice) so I have a couple of questions.

    1. I'm not sure if this is from 3rd or 4th edition so can space wolves still use these rules?

    2. If space wolves can use these rules can anyone else use them?

    Also on a half unrelated note: does giving furious charge to a AC & DCCW venerable dreadnought actually do any good? The way I see it the 1 extra initiative would do nothing and the 1 extra strength would do next to nothing so why is it even there?

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    1. It was from 3rd edition, but I believe that Space Wolves can still select it (from memory it was also an HQ choice).

    2. No, only space wolves.

    1/2 Unrelated: It gives an initiative boost. That is actually very useful against models which can hurt the Dn but which are at I4 or I5. The strength bonus doesn't apply because the maximum of any characteristic is 10.
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