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    31st Shadowcorps.

    Hey guys.

    I'm usually a daemonhunters player, but I've got an idea for a guard army into my head, and I've decided I will make a small guard army. That way, I can ally them with my daemonhunters if I ever need to. Well, here are my ideas. (By the way, I am aware there are a regiment already called the shadowcorps in the IG codex, but I actualy didn't know that upon writing my idea). They are kind of like a cross between Death corps. of Krieg and Tanith First and Only. I will probably use cadians, and model cloaks onto them with greenstuff, similar to the cadian snipers.

    The shadowcorps are a stealthy regiment of trained snipers and assasins that are adept at infiltration. They come from a barren planet called Krag, it harbours mountainous and rocky terrian. It is dominated by the hive city of Metros, but much of the planet is still barren wilderness. Krag is a night world, void of any real vegeatation except for high up in the mountians. All shadowcorps guardsmen wear cameleoline cloaks so they blend unseen into their surroundings. This is particularly useful as many of the shadowcorps are snipers. Ratlings fit in well with the shadowcorps, and are respected for their abilities. Due to their high numbers of snipers and snipers in training, the shadowcorps are excellent marksmen.

    -Light infantry
    -Special Weapon squads

    Preferred Heavy Weapon: Sniper Rifle

    Preferred Special Weapon: Melta Gun.

    Colour Scheme: Black Armour, Dark grey clothing.

    Their symbol: A pair of crossed autopistols, with a combat knife in the middle.

    Their Motto: Mess with the best, die like the rest.

    So, comments anyone?

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    I kinda like it. I can see them doing alot of patrol, assassnations and kill team missions.

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