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    Some DA questions

    I've had some questions concerning dark angels recently: Exactly when is the new codex coming out? I am really cheap,(I don't know why I even play warhammer) and I don't want to spend $10 when i can wait a month and not.

    Also, what's the point of Asmodai having a power sword, if the crozius arcanum counts as a power wapon? Is it a special power sword?
    What special rules show that he's an interroater chaplain in gameplay?

    And, since BT is getting a total makeover, what do you think the new DA tac squad will have? The current one is kind of a rip-off.

    That is, when DA get their makeover.

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    The DA codex will be revised, but not this year and probably not in 2006 either. Our rules are not in dire need of revision.

    I don't know really, he is just modelled that way. I use that model in my DA army, but i clipped off the sword and added a bolt pistol instead and put a jump pack on him. It might be a blade of reason, but i'm not sure.
    He is a Chaplain, that makes him an interrogator chaplain. That's what the DA call their chaplains, and they must have Terminator Honours.

    The new DA tactical squads will probably not change much, they might get the plasma cannon a bit cheaper like in the good old days, but probably nothing dramatic.
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