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Thread: Guard Help

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    Guard Help

    So I've had a bunch of guard stuff for quite some time now, but haven't really been able to get into playing 40K. Partly because of the rules change, but I think that it's mostly because I chose the wrong army for my play style. I play a lot more fantasy (mostly Bretonians, or Vamp Counts). I have something like 60 guardsmen, 6 heavy weapons teams, one Leman Russ, one Chimera, the cadian command squad (one with the standard), 3 Psykers, 1 or 2 Commisars, 2 Captians, 2 snipers, the Cadian Kashrkin squad, and 6 Sentinels. So with what I have what are some of the ways I could/should be playing this army. What would be a good low point list that I could paint to? I don't really want to have a heavy tank army but if I need to I could probably pick up the Basilisk or one more tank. I don't have the 3rd Ed rules, but have thought about getting the Battle for Macragge to get more interested in 40K.

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    A good way to get into the game is to play some 40k in 40 min games. These are 400-point combat patrol games that go fast and give you a good idea on how some units perform on the filed. The way I am getting my IG force painted is basically not allowing myself to play anything bigger than 400 points until my 400 point list is painted, from their we (me and my gaming buddies) will up the points to 1000, then 1500, 2000 etc etc.

    The slow progression is nice because it gives each player time to test out new units and get some games in so they know what they want in their force, and it gets people to actually paint their models.

    I would recommend getting the BGB or the maccrag set so you can learn the new rules, the latest edition does run allot faster than before, and once you get used to it you will probably like it better.

    If your interested my 40k in 40min IG list fields:
    Armored fist squad
    2 Sentinels
    2 units of 5 Storm Troopers

    Sort of an elite recon force, but it has preformed well.

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