as i finally got around to reading the chapter approved "creature feature" in more depth last night instead of only looking at the xeno rider (love those guys) section; i saw two more things that might go good in a themed army for me

those being, hunting beasts and giant reptiles
now first off, as with all things imperial guard, my first thoughts are: do these cost me a doctrine point? well i'm assuming they don't since they're available to all armies

after seeing these two, it sparked a theme in my head for an army
based around the doctrines: storm troopers, grenadiers, rough riders, xeno riders, carapace armor

i would basically use nothing but the troops allowed from the above mentioned doctrines, along with adding in hunting beasts for wargear and giant reptiles for heavy support (namely the carnosaur as that I5 seems more appealing to me)

making an army of all storm troopers and beasts (hunting beasts, xeno riders, and giant reptiles) which i think would be pretty cool... hell i may add in a sentinel or two (as this would incorporate the third of my IG passions) for some heavy weapon support that keeps with the mobile assault of my army.

down to the point, if it wasn't made in the above (i tend to rabble when i talk about what i love)...

we all know xeno riders kick ass, and even moreso with carapace armor (first passion); and lots of people like grenadiers (second passion), and with sentinels being used as anti-tank (thid passion), not to mention the DSing Melta Storm Troopers

anyways, are hunting beasts worthwhile? (i assume they keep up with owner and would account in the mixed armor rule, giving them a 3+ save if with my xeno riders without slowing them down)

and are giant reptiles worthwhile? (anybody have a pic of a megasaur or know where i can find one on the web)
although that is a tough choice with them being the same cost as basically a hellhound or basilisk and would probably be more suited in an army that's made with assault in mind as the basic tactic; but it goes with the theme.