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    Help with IG/DH list

    I just finished paintinfg and assembling a GK force ...

    It has
    four units of GK Knights ( with incinirators ) of 8, 8, 6, 6
    a Termie squad ( with incinerator) of 5 including bro/capt.
    a GM or Brother Captain Stern
    a Dreadnought

    I've been offered in trade an Imperial Guard army that was used in City Fight

    Command squad - Colonel Commisar Preacher
    Vet Squad
    3x Troop squad w/heavy weapons/vet sarges
    Mortar squad
    3 Sniper
    2 Chimera
    1 Leman Russ

    Now I've never played guard but I would like to have a guard army with GK allies. I'm not sure of Imperial guard rules but it sems there is no command squad for the three troop choices. Is this a doctrine that is allowed? How could I integrate the two forces?

    I'm not a 40k noob, just an Imperial Guard noob. I know that GK on their own might be fluffy but they are near impossible to field successfully without IG. I could add IG as allies to DH but i have enough SM armies ( DW, 13th Company, Legion of the Damned ) already and I'll field the GK by themselves occasionally. I always wanted to play an IG army ( I also have a Lost and the Damned traitor army) and I have a chance now to trade for one. So any advice would be helpful.

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    well from the listed available imperial guard troops...
    i'd say, don't much bother using the mortar squad, buy a few more snipers and make them count as a ratling sniper squad, will need at last one more infantry squad as well as 2 command squads for the infantry platoons; or just a command squad and throw one of the infantry squads into a chimera as an armored fist squad, maybe add in a hellhound and basilisk... and you should have a well-off imperial guard army to start playing with and seeing what you want to switch around.

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