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    Close Combat Inquisitor ?

    I've started converting some female Inquisitors,and was wondering what to give the one who will be a counter-charge unit in an IG army.
    She's going to be an allied Lord w/3 Crusaders,possibly 3 Acolytes w/Power Weapons.
    The vast majority of armies around here are MEQ,so should the Lord get a Power Weapon?
    Maybe w/the Acolytes special rule an Eviscerator makes more sense?
    I'm torn.

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    Check the Codex, Acolytes have a limited amount of points which they can spend on wargear.

    Don't forget to give your Inquyisitor Lord a familiar if you are going to make her a chiefly CC unit.

    Depending on what you are going to face, a Force Weapon may be in order. A bolt pistol with psycannon bolts might not be a bad idea, just in case.

    Other than that, the Inquisitor Lord already comes with the equivalent of power armor, so you don't need to spend points on that, but I would recommend a rosatius.

    Other than that, do whatever you want to do!

    "The sword that takes life gives life."

    -Japanese proverb.

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