I recently went through the RTT @ CC had it rocked, I had so much fun.

Lost first round- had my butt handed to me by chaos on a silver plate
Hostage retrieval
lesson demons suck-well not for him but yea
good player look forward to possibly playing in the future, my boys need to settle a score.

tied second round with some marines- it was close, after points added up there was only like a 30 pt difference model for model, but he had more in my deployment zone – a true draw- good fight
scouting mission
lesson learned- never underestimate a bassie- it kept my kill rate up enough to keep up with the marines. We both had infiltrating armies. I’m keeping the bassie in the list just for what I did in this fight. - vet srgt/w power fist and like 4-6 scouts done in the first turn of shooting, kept the inft. Back a bit.
Good player-his army was painted the best I seen- he won Best sportsmanship.

Won the last one against the templars- a stragiticly good list but I believe I won due to the dice gods on this one.
Suicide squad-
It was like magic- every time (and he’ll confirm this) we would conclude a dice need to be cretin # (for instance the roll needs to be “x?) and I would say (example)?ok termie save just don’t roll a “1?, he would roll a 1- this happened a ridiculous amount.
For reserves / saves / ruff terrain test ect. He was a good player. But the dice had it for me this time.
Lesson learned- this could just as easily have happened to me, I drop troop a lot- what killed him the most wasn’t missing the termie saves, it was the reserves the termies didn’t com in till turn 5. they could have made a big difference. Oh and don’t deep strike with in 24? of a demolisher – hell remember that one.

Look forward to a rematch, good player.

My point besides the recap was that all armies I faced were close Combat monsters. Esp. the demon I faced. Not one orks army in the RTT bunch. Even the trynids players had “beef? to them, one was even shooty. But no horde armies.

Needless to say, I’m changing my list. I was able to hold my own but I could have done a lot better. I need more troops (fell in love with flashlights-esp. @rapid fire time.)and I need a little clarification-

The spec. char. Ibram Guant sounds real cool in theory and @75 pts not very expensive for what he does but that’s where the question is. In the codex IG; it states that when I. Guant charges into combat all he plus Tanith guard troops in combat recieve a second attack.

1) is it any IG trooper in combat or is his bonus only available if you have the doctrine army Tanith? or do they just have to be Tanith models?
2) is it any one (qualified) in combat who receives the bonus? or just the combat he is in?
3) just a cheesy theme question, can I have Tanith ogryns?
4) an independent char. Could he be put with the ruff riders, if so ill get a unit of Tanith RR is that even possible.
If so that’d be a rowdy bunch.id be fun to model him on a horse or give him a bike, or a jump pack.(To rep RR).

Let me know what you think..