A aquatence of mine plays a Witchhunters army and we are going to be allies in an upcoming torrney. We are going to each have 501pts of models and will be acting on the same turn.

There are going to be 3 other teams, we will face each of them, at the end of each battle (that will last until one side is completly wiped out) the winner tallies the remaining points of their army. Once we have each batted the team with the most points remaining wins.

I myself play orks and will be providing a my Warboss leading 23 slugga boyz with 2 Rokkit Lanchers to deal with the CC aspect with support form 13 Flash Gitz with More Dakka and 3 Big Shootaz.

My question is that from this list of stuff what should I suggest to my freind to take:
PS: I dont know exactly how many points these things cost, just what I have seen them use before.

HQs and/or Elite:
2 x Inquisitors with 2 Acolytes each or the other retinue types things but they like this setup alot.
1 x sqaud of 3 Deathcult Assassins
1 x Venerable Dreadnought with Assualt Cannon and Heavy Flamer
1 x sqaud of 10 Celestiane with Multi-Melta and Storm Bolter.

2 x squads of 10 Storm Troopers each with Meltagun and Plasmagun
1 x Chimera Transport
1 x squad of 10 SM scouts with BP and CCW
1 x sqaud of 10 Sisters of Battle with 2 Meltaguns

Fast Attack:
1 x sqaud of 3 Sentinals with Multi-lasers

Heavy Support:
They use Orbital Strikes I think they go here.