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Thread: Newbie

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    I have just finnally made the jump from my precious angels of shadow buy buying enough IG models to turn away from it, one of my serious problems.

    My qusetion is about the infantry platoons I have two Infantry platoons with two full squads in each, each armed with a grenade launcher but no HW yet. also theres a remanents squad in one. I have two junior officerswith a five man squad each with a vox caster. My question is these two junior officer squads dont count as HQ right and also my guess is that these officers cant have support squads as they are not HQ?

    Again Im very new to the whole massed infantry Idea so any input can help thanks.

    P.S if they dont count as HQ how should I compose my Command platoon I plan on being a very static army very few tanks.

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    that is correct, the command squads for infantry platoons don't count as hq, the entire infantry platoon counts as a troop choice

    and only command platoons can include support squads, not infantry platoons.

    or heavy weapons platoons, that's covered in their entry in heavy support section of codex.

    as for how to compose your HQ command squad. i'd say, junior officer w/ honorifica (heroic senior officer for a little cheaper) and iron discipline, as well as a standard bearer (some people like vox, but i prefer the re-roll aura). then most usually a heavy weapon of some sort; mortar (although not very good) can be fired while keeping your leader out of sight, protecting him from taking high-priority fire.

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