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    Master of Deathwing.

    I've just started my new deathwing army and was planing a master of deathwing model. I have an idea of giving him a lightnin claw and the SoS (Sword of Secrets for those who don't know) can i do this, and if i can how would i play it, could i choose how many hits are with each weapon or do i have to choose before i even role, or do i only get to use one each combet phase.

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    dont do it. First off, the lightening claw wont give you the plus 1 attack that a powerfist, or other single handed weapon would. Your better off with a chain fist, or thunder hammer, as the second weapon. That way you have 5 attacks, 6 on the charge, you can use the SOS where its best for you, and the thunderhammer/chainsword, agaisnt a vehicle, or if your striking behinds something, like a slanesh HQ, you can whip our your fist/thunder, and tear him to peices properly.

    Rerolling on 4+ is worse i think, then wounding on 2+ in the first place. If you really needs points, just take a powersword. Peace
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    You'll have to chose which you want to use each turn. You'll still get a +1 attack bonus, though.

    Personally, I say just stick with the SoS as long as you're buying a Master. S6 is generally better than a re-rolled S4. If you want to give him a second CCW, then use a powerfist. Otherwise just stick to the storm-bolter. Put his high ballistic skill to use!

    Edit--arrgh, Forged, you just beat me to it!

    I'd also like to say that if you want to beef up the Master of DW, give him an adamantine mantle. I'm not sure if you can take both the SoS and the Mantle, though. I think the SoS only counts as a weapon, not a relic, so you should be able to take both if I read the rules right. Alas, I don't play Dark Angels....
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