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    New Dark Angels?

    Ok, I used to play 40k, basically everyone I played with went off too college, so now I just kinda read and collect warhammer for my own love for it. I have one friend that still plays once in a while, we usually play fantasy though, havent played 40k in the loongest time.

    I've got alot of older 40k models, honestly put together horridly and most of them are in different stages of Dark Angel or black templar paintings. I hear the new BT codex has come out, so I assume everyones gunna play them now, so I dont want to collect them anymore.
    Fluff wise, i'm a huuuge DA fan, but I have not having bp/ccw. It depresses me. Lol I also love the angels of redemption(?) paintjob. The half bone half green.

    I also thought about making my own chapter using the SM codex trait system. But eh that seems like its cheating somehow.

    Ok so to the point, I hear the DA codex is coming out relatively soon, does anyone have any idea if there will be ay changes to it?

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    Rumor has it, (RUMOR!!) that they codex will follow the tau realease, i believe, which would be, feburary or after. Although that seems a bit early to me, id guess more around june. Terminators are probably going to be cheaped, and restored back to mixing the types. Some bugs will probably be fixed, like chaplains shouldnt be 5 points more, since the ability does not effect the unit in any way. The clan, in the clubs and clan section, order of the white sword, had some more detailed rumors if you wish to check it out, its on, page 9 or 10, if not, keep reading, youll learn some stuff about DAs anyway, eventually youll see it in there.
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