Sisters Repentia - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Sisters Repentia

    Ok, now ive used Sisters Repentia few times and I never been able to do anything with them that make them pay up there cost.

    Are they any good? When to use them? How to use them? Help me:cry:

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    Repentia move on the ground, they are vulnerable to shooting, and they are expensive.
    They are probably the hardest unit to get a return from. I don't use mine.
    These problems obvioulsy can't be changed, but they can be managed.

    1- First and foremost, LOS blocking terrain.
    Make sure there is a decent amount of it on the table. The Book recomends 25% coverage of a mixture of terrain types. Make some of your own terrain and bring it to games if you have to. But there must be a fair amount of LOS-Blocking Terrain, or else you are wasting your time. Good tactics will not help them if they try to fight "in the desert".

    2- Know thine enemy.
    If you're playing shooty Marine or shoooty IG, or Tau, then clearly there's no point in taking them. If you know that Terminators will show up, then they're a great idea.

    3- Bigger is better.
    Larger points games tend to have more bodies and more contact (therfore more places to hide from shooting). Similarly, the value of Orbital strikes increaces during larger points games. And Orbitals can be used to "push" the enemy away from (or into) a specific area. You can use this contol to help your overall plan for using them.

    4- Use wrecks.
    A wrecked Rhino can still be a good Rhino. Try to take 2 tanks per 1500 points, and try to plan your movements so that your valuable infantry are in their LOS shadow.

    5- Target the targeters.
    Identify which squads of his will target the Repentia, and use Jumping Cannoness(es) (with 2+) and Seraphim to quiclky pounce upon enemy squads who are capable of shooting the Repentia to "turn their shooting off".

    6- Take Complete Control of the fire lane.
    (It doesn't have to cost you too much to do this, belive it or not.)
    In the front are 2 Chimeras (Multi-Laser+Hull HB+Pintle Stubber).
    Next comes the Repentia.
    Next are the two Armor Fist IG squads, each with a Lascannon, and maybe a Plasmagun.
    And behind them are 1-2 Exorcists.
    (I'd also keep a Rhino nearby to maybe plug in a hole).

    Any enemy unit that takes out Chimera will have hell to pay, facing all the firepower that you have lined up. But this would probably require some playtesting as the angles can really mess up the plan.

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