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Thread: Mortifactors

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    I have decided to start a Mortifactors Space Marine army. If anyone has any fluff, suggestions, trait ideas or anything else, please reply.

    If you have any links, they would be appreciated.

    So far, I've decided on black, Bleached Bone and Shining gold...

    I'm also glad I have a lot of spare plastic skulls...

    The Mortifactors are a GW chapter, here's the link if you don't believe me:

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    Other than Artemis, the Inquistor sized Marine being a Mortifactor before he joined the deathwatch, all I got is on this link....Hopefully I'm allowed to post this. Thats just the fluff of them joining the Armageddon war.

    I think that they are a chapter created using Ultramarine gene seed, but have a much 'darker' bent. And a darker paint scheme.
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    I believe there's a book...One of the Ultramarine novels has them fighting alongside the Mortifactors against the Tyranids. That might be a good place to start.

    As for fluff, they make their ships out of bones and wear a lot of skulls. I would think there'd be plenty of apothecaries, since they revere the dead/dying so much.
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