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Thread: Improved Comms

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    Improved Comms

    Okay, I know I've asked this before (in the general rules forum), but the more I've been looking around and reading other posts, rules, comments, etc, the more I'm questioning my take. So, I'll ask again for clarification...

    My question: If I take multiple vehicles with improved comms, do I get to reroll multiple reserves rolls, one for each improved comms setup I've taken?

    I ask because the IG codex wording for Improved Comms can be taken either way: "... the improved comms allow the [IG] player to re-roll one Reserves roll per turn ...". Now, this is a vehicle upgrade, and thusly I could equip multiple vehicles with Improved Comms. Nowhere does it state that these improved comms stack; similarly, it doesn't state that they don't. At 20 points a pop, this is an expensive upgrade; but if you plan on playing a drop troop army (which I do), then they could be more than worth their points in strategic value by being able to pull in (or hold back) multiple reserve units each turn.

    Personally, I'm leaning towards thinking that it's a one to one ratio of improved comms and re-rolls. The guy I play against most probably wouldn't mind seeing that as being valid (we play for fun, unless he's playing 'Nids, at which point he becomes cut-throat). So, I'm just wondering what the IG community's take was on the use and abilities of improved comms, and also whether they're worth it or not, etc.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Yes, multiple improved comms will let you reroll the reserves roll for multiple units, however, keep in mind that no rerolls can be rerolled, so unless you've got one unit in reserve for each improved comm, the bonus from having several is lost.
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