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    Idea for adeptus mechanicus using DH rules...

    Howdy guys,
    I was thinking about seeing how hard it would be to switch my adeptus mechanicus army idea from space marines using scouts, to Deamon hunters using inquisitorial troopers for the skitarii, greyknights for the tech priests and preatorians, and then an inquisitor for the Tech magos? Of course, I would have to have a grey knight dreadnought for my robot, but that is a given in any grey knights army :-)

    what do you think? or should I stick to scouts?

    TSg.t Zakarius Clay
    142nd Cadian, Stationed Planet Skyfall B
    4th Brigade, 1st Battalion, 1st Co.
    'The Pathfinders', Drop Team - 6

    Pssst.... give me kudos....

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    It's possible, of course, but I don't think it's the best way to represent a Mechanicus force.

    First off, no Mechanicus member is as good in a fight as GK are.
    Second, you'd be giving Chaos & Daemonic armies all kinds of advantages that don't make sense, fluff-wise.
    Third, an Inquisitor wouldn't represent a powerful Mechanicus without becoming very expensive.

    I'd suggest either doing an SM army (led by a Tech Priest, with Scouts, and heck, you can ally in two IST units from DH for lower-level skitarii) or an IG army (via some creative doctrines like the one that makes them cyborgs [6+ invuln save or something like that, book not handy], close order drill, commissars or priests to act as Mechanicus members, etc. You can still ally in an Inquisitor and attach him to your command squad to make it more AM-like.

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