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Thread: "phantom Recon"

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    Verodi 594TH
    ‘Phantom RECON’

    Homeworld and history:
    Raised from the urban wastes of Verodi, razed by conflict for nearly two thousand years, the government hung on the edge of power, being hounded on all sides by several rival parties. Eventually, one party rose to a substantial power, naming themselves the U.V.C or United Verodi Confederacy. One by one, the rival political leaderships united under the U.V.C, leaving the remaining government struggling on all fronts. The regiments of the U.V.C were varied to say the least, heavy infantry regiments attacked side by side with armoured companies while light infantry units attacked with support from basilisk artillery lines. The regiments bore one thing in common, a sense of patriotism towards their home world and the unity of their parties. A senate of seven men overlooked the political world, each representing their associated party. As this was formed, the vast armies of hardened urban troops surrounded the still zealous city of Ruskio, the last city were the past governments laws remained. The ensuing conflict was short and bloody, the government troops withered down by consistent raids and artillery batterings. In a matter of twelve days the city was reduced to rubble, its political leaders captured and executed.

    594th Regimental History:
    The 594th regiment of Verodi consists of many soldiers from one of the first parties to join the confederacy. The party yearned for peace on the planet and once united with the confederacy proved to be instrumental in ‘convincing’ other parties to join their cause. The party itself, known as Rikozi House was led by a inspirational political leader and senior commodore for the military named Stefan Rikozi. Shortly after the uniting with the confederates, he was assassinated by an adept sniper as he rose from his sleeping quarters, though he was quickly replaced by his son, who was eager to take his fathers position to live his fathers dream of peace on Verodi.

    The soldiers itself of Rikozi House were adept in urban warfare, lightly armed and armoured they made perfect light infantry, adept in ranged warfare. Rikozi had always considered close combat foolish and frivolous, though it is often impossible to avoid, especially as a recon unit, and therefore they include many flamer type weapons, this earns them the title by many of the other regiments as ‘Pyro Recon’.

    Showing their expertise at long range, the regiment has kept mainly all their original weaponry, maintaining almost no high-energy weaponry. The basic weapon is still the triplex pattern lasguns, though the majority of their special weaponry is lead based projectile weaponry. This ranges from heavy stubbers to mortars, but by far the most common is the sniper rifle. The marksmen of the regiment are renowned for their savagery and gruesome content in contesting with each other, making the death of the enemy all the more agonizing. Their stealth and marksmanship is unmatched, and they have branded themselves ‘Phantom recon’.

    As with most light companies, they are often supported by a small amount of armour, but the strength of the regiment is not their armour but their heavy weapon teams. These are ever common in their detachments; most are accompanied by at least nine. Gunpowder projectile weaponry is by far the most common. These are deployed to the rear and provide streams of support fire, while the light infantry squads flank the enemy and mechanized squads attack weak areas of the enemies’ lines.

    Supporting the infantry are insurgency strike teams, making common hot drops into hostile territory from Valkyrie transports (though slightly altered to include a spinning rotary blade) followed by heavily armed Vulture Gun ships. This is all supported by close ranged demolisher siege tanks.

    One of the most common sights in the regiment is ratlings that serve an integral part of providing support and cover fire. They are recruited into the clans often due to their superior marksmenship, and also for their culinary skills.

    Since cumbersome artillery pieces are to large to accompany light forces, the Verodi have developed advanced targeting vehicles based on the chimera hull to spot and plot targets for basilisk artillery lines. These on many occasions have proven invaluable when the army meets large forces that are far too big to be halted by the Verodi detachments.

    From the small factories on Verodi hail many of their battle tanks and equipment, which provide tanks that are suited to their role, not normal tacticus arrangements. This ranges from variants of the demolisher siege tanks to their forward observation vehicles. When the regiments are in great need, they often call about the sheer numbers of the hardened factory conscripts. These ragtag detachments are common in larger scale engagements.

    Heres my armylist:

    Light Infantry
    Special Weapon Squads
    Chem inhalers
    Stormtrooper Squads

    Command squad:
    Senior Commodore w/ Master Crafted Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol, 2 w/ flamers, 1 veteran w/ standard, veteran w/ medic
    = 134
    + Commissar w/ power weapon and laspistol
    +Special Weapons Team, 3 guardsmen with sniper rifles
    +Fire support squad, 3 guardsmen with Autocannons
    +Fire support squad, 3 guardsmen with heavy bolters
    +Anti tank squad, 3 guardsmen with missile launchers

    +Mortar squad, 3 guardsmen with mortars

    Stormtrooper squad
    10 stormtroopers w/veteran sergeant with power sword and laspistol
    Hardened Veterans
    9 veterans and one veteran sergeant, 3 w/ flamers, veteran sergeant with power sword and laspistol, Chem. Inhalers.
    Ratling Squad
    Ten ratlings with sniper rifles

    Guardsmen Platoon
    Command Squad w/ Lieutenant w/ laspistol and close combat weapon, four guardsmen, two with flamers and two with lasguns
    Guardsmen Squad A w/ lasguns, one with grenade launcher, one with sniper rifle. Light infantry=81
    Guardsmen Squad B w/ lasguns, one with grenade launcher, one with sniper rifle. Light infantry =83
    Armoured Fist Squad
    Ten Guardsmen, nine with lasguns, one with flamer, Chimera APC w/ heavy flamer and hull heavy bolter, extra armour
    Conscript Platoon
    Conscript squad 1 w/ lasguns, one with flamer = 49
    Conscript squad 1 w/ lasguns, one with flamer = 49
    Sentinel with Lascannon and hunter killer missile
    Sentinel with Lascannon and hunter killer missile

    Sentinel with Lascannon and hunter killer missile

    Basilisk Artillery Tank
    Hull heavy bolter and track guards, searchlight
    Basilisk Artillery Tank
    Hull heavy bolter, rough terrain mod.
    Demolisher siege tank
    W/ hull heavy bolter, sponson heavy bolters, rough terrain mod.


    and heres some of my storyline from me:
    +++Red Eagle 902+++

    140 Verodi System, Military Command Post 404

    Inside the dim light of the command tower, a short pause was found after a proposition by Senior Commodore Adrias. Colour sergeant Ovaj Galinsky wondered how many troops would have to be lost for this seemingly frivolous cause. ‘A surgical strike’ stated by the commodore is not often encountered by imperial guardsmen, less so for the hardened street fighters of the Verodi 594th, raised from the ruins of their Homeworld, years of political disruption and violent gang war had turned the regiment into one of the best urban fighters of the Imperial Guard. But, to their surprise, the system overlords had decreed our regiment the closest option for the uprising on Tarakis Prime, a small agri world with little or no urbanization, mainly billions of kilometers of isolated farms and hydroponics facilities. The so-called uprising was due to a small colonization fleet of ‘Tau’ in the sector, attempting to convert the farmers to their cause. Our mission was to stop the oppressive Tau forces and engage their forces that had positioned themselves outside of the capital cities borders. The commodore turned towards a holo-map of the planet “we can not allow the fledging xeno to maintain a foothold on this planet, they must be dealt with as soon as possible?, stated the commodore.

    A small detachment was ordered to be dispatched to the world, consisting mainly of light infantry with some air support and limited artillery support. The colour sergeant had faced many foes during his tours on duty, from the lost and damned hordes of chaos to rebel imperial guard, though he had never encountered any alien species. His role was to lead the main platoon of infantry, filling out the ranks with grunts, not the most preferable job for a veteran sergeant.

    File by file the men loaded their ships, followed by small amounts of armour, then by incoming valkyrie and vulture gunships. The men were ordered to their cabins to stay while the ship is in motion.

    010 Tarakis System, Low Orbit over the world Tarakis

    The troops woke from their slumber; twenty-three days had passed of restless sleep and eager preparation. The troops lazily marched down the access ramps to the landing bay, filled with restrained seats and oxygen masks for each soldier. Settling in, Ovaj took comfort with his sniper rifle firmly by his side.

    The battle group slowly descended to the planets surface, the men rattling violently as the ship plunged through the planets thick atmosphere. The ship eventually broke through, releasing its landing gears and lowering the ramps with a hiss from centuries old pistons and gears.

    Systematically the troops marched down the ramp onto the soft grass of the plain, broken each ten yards by a strangely shaped tree. The troops routinely began to pitch tents and fortifications, accompanied by revving chimera engines and Leman Russ battle tanks.

    Ovaj walked to the tent located at the center of the camp, clearly marked to be Commodore Carajs head quarters. Ducking under the swaying tarpaulin, was caught in the gaze of the steely commissar squatted in the corner. Ovaj looked at the other corner, seeing the fixed gaze of the commodore seeing his reluctance at the sight of the commissar. “This is commissar Gregov, he is accompanying our detachment?, “Honored to have you here? stated Ovaj unwillingly. “What is our designated form of offence? inquired Gregov, his face twisting around the foreign words. “We are to attack the alien fortifications at sunrise, as the scum are returning from their peaceful slumber. The platoon and veterans will engage from the front while armoured fist squads engage from the reverse accompanied by demolisher battle tanks and mortar barrage, and supporting fire will be laid down by ratlings from afar. The platoons will then submit co-ordinates for artillery fire from Basilisks. Any scum who survive will be cut down by our veterans or caught between the platoons and armoured divisions. Air support will be provided by vultures and valkyries.?. “Your plan seems worthy, commodore? said the commissar. “What is your input Colour Sergeant? “Can I enquire about the resistance the Tau are to put up?? asked Ovaj. “ Reports from recon air support tell us that limited armour accompanies the scum and is heavily made from the ferocious ‘kroot’ xeno creatures?. “Thank you sir, may we be victorious in our efforts? praised Ovaj. “The emperor is with us sergeant, in every battle for our holy lord, he protects and makes us strong, have faith? Gregov stated. “Our company standard will accompany myself and my squad into battle, let our efforts not be in vain? the commodore explained. Routinely, the men made the sign of the Aquila across their chests and forwarded out.

    040 Encampment Entrance

    Ovaj peered slowly through his eyes at the massed soldiers at the entrance of their encampment, holding formation so the commodore could receive their amassed salute. Each man solemnly repeating prayers of protection and checking their weapons. The glare radiating from the planets twin suns forming a near unbearable spectrum across Ovaj’ eyes. In a matter of minutes, the commodore appeared from the cupola of his chimera, and systematically the men stiffened, saluting, then forming their squads routinely.

    As one, the ranks filed out of their camp, forming a column several hundreds of metres in length. The men would attack as one, stealthily, silently…deadly.

    04:34 Bush Land Surrounding Xeno-Structures
    Ovaj signaled the squad in front to invert, allowing him and his team to maintain a view on the structures through the dense scrubland. The armoured vehicles were left behind fifty metres or so, their engines muffled to a low grizzle, easily conceived as a bird or animal by the Xeno. Squad by squad, they stealthily slid through the long grass, concealed by the shade of the grass and the lack of light, once the sun broke the horizon, the Xeno would break simultaneously.

    Ovaj slammed his back into a small rocky outcrop, sighing with relief for the cover. The sky was a beautiful blue, broken only by random clouds, slowly shifting through the atmosphere. To his shock, the sky was broken by the jet engines of a Valkyrie, veering straight towards the xeno. Skillfully he pulled down his micro-vox from his helmet, whispering discreetly “Red eagle nine-o’-two, pull back, you are jeopardizing the mission?. The reply came quickly from the pilot, “Sergeant Ovaj, malfunction in steering machinery…SHHHHHIII…? his words muffled by the screaming of a high velocity slug tearing through the cockpit, incinerating the vehicle in incandescent flame.

    “That *****ing pilot will get us all killed, all teams, pull back!?, he screamed into the micro-vox. His orders interrupted by the whining pitch of klaxons and security bells. Risking a glance from behind the rock formation, he saw a plethora of figures storming out of their fortifications, carnivorous kroot and Tau fire warriors searching for the intruders in the dim light.

    Ovaj muttered a prayer of ordnance as he slid back the clip of his sniper rifle and loaded six bullets, checking his weapon then peering down the augmented scope, a gift from a civilian on Huvl II. “Blessus Thou Precisi Ordnatus? he repeated down the scope, drawing a bead on the head of a Tau warrior loading his rifle. The weapon let out a small snap as the bullet was forced through by its propellant, traveling down the barrel into the skull of the xeno creature, knocking him dead in an instant.

    Five more times the hardened sergeant stared down the scope of his rifle, five more times a Tau warrior was knocked to the ground. By this time many other men were accompanying him, firing cautiously through the scrub. Ovaj was reloading his clip as a muffled vox message came through “All squads, proceed with ….mission, in….addition, the crew …. Valkyrie…must…….rescued?. Once again Ovaj cursed, loading his clip then gesturing for the advance.

    055 Tau Outpost Perimeter

    Ovaj threw himself at one of the tau patrolling the perimeter, viciously attacking him like a maddened murderer with his combat knife. The bloody combat caught the eye of many other tau defenders, rushing to protect their brethren. Their slow eye co-ordination was no match for the hardened soldiers, using their bulky lasguns and bare hands to maliciously attack their adversaries. All around, the Verodi 594th fought against the determined and stalwart defenders. Ovaj, after wiping his mono filiment blade clean of the pale red blood, opened his vox channel once again, “All armour, heavy resistance encountered, attack with extreme prejudice?. In a matter of seconds, three leman russ demolishers plowed through the bush land with hefty dozer blades, pivoting their turrets and unleashing a deafening volley from their monstrous maws. The huge ordnance blasted bloody chunks out of the tau lines; clearing several kroot warriors densely packed in a foxhole.

    Squad by squad, the tau retreated backwards, each step costing many lives. The desperate defenders fled to their fortifications, firing rushed shots on the run. “The cowards!? shouted Ovaj, breaking into a sprint with his combat knife clenched in his bloodied fist. He glanced side ways, catching a glimpse of the company standard being unfurled, its seared edges and bullet holes proof of its extended use. As the curled material unfurled, the men of the regiment fought with renewed vigor. The men fought with a ferocity of true warriors, coordinating counterattacks and flanking the enemy with vicious close combat formations. Continuously, a steady stream of kroot advanced from the base, led by a bellowing avian xeno screeching orders in a high pitched whistle. Ovaj took his aim once again. He once again muttered a prayer down his barrel, then precisely pulled the trigger, yet the kroot did not fall. Two more times he pulled the trigger, yet the shaper would not fall. He flipped down his micro-vox and ordered his men to fire at the individual. Instantaneously, a well-placed missile from a weapons team detonated deep within the shapers chest cavity, exploding its orange gore over its comrades.

    The stunned kroot glanced in disarray, their coordinated counterattack reduced to a suicide in seconds, as once again the demolisher line opened fire again, obliterating the xeno creatures. A cheer went through the imperial guardsmen as the remaining kroot were cut down by Commodore Adrias’ bodyguard.

    05:28 Tau Structure
    Ovaj watched as the Valkyrie crew was taken away by the medicae officers, and the veteran teams fixed demo charges on the buildings and set their det-tape. Once the demo charges were set they would be able to get off this rock, back to Verodi and have some down time for once.

    Ovaj’s dreaming was interrupted by a thought that froze him. The officers had mentioned armour in the xeno arsenal, yet none had been seen yet. Immediately, he heard a low grumble get slowly louder, positioned near the outlying bush land. As one, seven streamline armoured tanks skimmed over the shrubs. Their massive weaponry drawing beads on the Verodi vehicles. In unison the weapons opened fire, their energy weapons tearing through the demolisher’s armour like tin foil.

    Before the guardsmen could react, the air was filled with the smell of molten metal. Following the tanks attack, hidden tau in the shrubs marked out guard for destruction, their red marker lights the only signal before their death. Ovaj estimated there must be at least twenty tau in the bushes.

    Loading his rifle, he sprinted for the bushes, ducking under rocks and shrubs until he reached the perimeter and drawing his pistol. Before he could react, one of the tau swung its rifle double handed in a swing meant to hit Ovaj in the ribs, swinging like quicksilver he reacted with a shot of his pistol into the tau eye piece, killing it instantly. Ovaj stalked through the bush with the stealth of a tiger, drawing behind three more of the tau and slitting heir throats between their chest and the helmet, protected only by a small piece of nylon.

    By this time, the veteran teams had slithered into the bush, and were following Ovaj in his vengeful hunt. In minutes the tau hiding in the shrubs were dispatched silently and stealthily. Without the pathfinders aim, the tau tanks were left open and vulnerable. Ovaj saw one of the xeno appear from his cupola to search for the pathfinders. He drew up his rifle and skillfully dispatched the tank, which seconds later blossomed in flames from the veterans autocannon team. Still the tau tanks scurried around their structures in desperation. Ovaj saw a guardsmen climbed onto the top of one of their vehicles, slamming a grenades down its huge barrel, then sliding down its smooth front. The grenade fell down its loading mechanism, detonating within its ammunition stocks. The vehicle wreathed in orange flame. Ovaj would have to demand that soldier be awarded a medal if he survived.

    Only three more tanks were left in the outpost, hurriedly firing shots in desperation. Ovaj heard the crackle of static over his earpiece, making out the order to retreat back outside the structures. As one, the remaining troops fled the scene, regrouping outside the structures. As the squad sergeant began to assess their casualties, the structures blossomed in incandescent explosions, the demolitions finally exploding. The conflict had been resolved, but at an unprecedented casualty toll. Forty-three dead and another seventy-eight wounded, a ‘surgical strike’ in imperial guard terms means a massacre, Ovaj thought.

    Ill give two bucks to anyone who can read that in two minutes...

    So wats ur opinion on it?

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    Your army sounds great in the fact that you've spent the time to make it more then just any other guard army.

    I do have some comments that you can take for what there worth or forget them. A recon unit wouldn't have alot of armour, heavy stuff like Basilisk's, and seige tanks. I'm thinking your army would have more Chimeras. It's a shame they were left out of the codex, but something like a chimerax would be perfect for a light ( recon ) force.If you want to stay more with the codex maybe more sentinels. I know its hard to leave out ordance ( I was going for a light army to, and I ended up having a basilisk and a leman russ ). Also having several heavy weapon teams lug around there stuff on a recon mission would be quite a drag !
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    Umm, I'd duck before you get struck down by the Clue-by-Four, Stainless Steel Modhammer, and Mod .... Anyway, there is a List and a different Fluff Forum. Not sure what you should have done with both, perhaps BiD will offer some helpful insight?

    Oh, your list. Well, I'm to damn lazy to read the fluff, but the army list look pretty good.
    More Ifantry. Its a guard army, damnit! More infantry.
    Normally I'd say no on Ratlings but if your whole army is infiltrating then you won't have to worry about that whole LD 6 thing...

    Sorry, I've got to go.
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    50 (x8)

    Sorry, but I&#39;m gonna lock this now. Post each thing in its own thread, in ze right forum. Makes things easier to read, and you get all comments for each thing individually rather than all different things in the same thread.
    Ze titles yez...
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    But what of the midgets!?
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