I've been wanting a SOB army for ages but there's something about them that stops me from buying, I don't really know what it is maybe it was the all metal models or the lack of GW attention to them but that seems to end with the release of Codex Witchhunters around April next year.

So I've been searching for tiny bits of info regarding them here's what I've got so far.

Well, there was a shitload of pictures of Codex: witchhunters/sisters of battle. The new sister squad, the new immolater etc...Also I have seen pictures of the two new special characters!!! One is '...... The Living Saint' and looked really sweet...if you guys like detail than...
The other one was 'The judge'. Basically it is a large throne on legs (yes, it is a walker) and it walks around the battlefield judging people...it is supposed to be nasty!
is there any more info available?

maybe I should've posted this in the rumours forum but I'm new and I don't really want to post any double topics so I apoligize beforehand if it's out of place here