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    New to Armored Company

    **EDIT: Just realized I posted this in Army Lists and not the general IG area... can't figure out how to delete it because I'm a dumbass... can't move it myself, either... :-\ **

    I've been playing aIG for a little while, and have suddenly found myself with enough tanks to actually be able to field an AC army!

    I'm wondering which tanks and what layouts are best? I play against two different SM armies (one troop-heavy and the other relying more on vehicles), and I'm not sure what to field.

    So far I'm thinking A LR Vanquisher for my HQ and two vanilla LRs for my troops. Then I have a Bassie and a Demolisher (I know I'll field the bassie, not sure about the Dmolisher). I also am thinking of fielding a Techpriest in a chimera or a squad of Storm Troopers, maybe a Hellhound...

    Which doctrines are best to take? Against an assault-oriented SM army I was thinking of taking the one that lets my sponsons fire in CC and evasive driving, as well as anti-mag armor or heavy ceramite... again, not sure!

    I've looked through the different AC lists but there's a decent amount of variety so I figured I'd appeal to all who've played AC so that I might learn from their mistakes.

    Lastly, what's the best layout for a LR, gun-wise, against SM? I keep seeing people post about how great it is to have three HBs, but I almost feel like a hull LC might be more useful against my smurfy foes...

    I know experience is the best way of finding this stuff out, but I've lost to him so many times at this point that I want to win one flat-out! Thanks guys!

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