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    Just starting out

    Hey everyone, my friends and I have been playing fantasy for a little while and I play lizardmen. Some of them now play 40k and since I'm one to follow the crowd, I also want to. I have done a lot of looking at armies and have decided I am playing imperial guard. One of my friends was kind of angry that I was starting the same army as him(cadian) and I said hey they're imperial guard there's lots of choices chances are we'll have different armies.

    Now that I'm done with my life story, I wanted to know what I should buy to start the guard. From what I've been reading the battle force and an HQ squad seems like a great place to start. One reason I'm starting guard is I love tanks and big things so I was thinking on adding another leman russ or a basilisk. I also like the idea of snipers so I was thinking on grabbing a unit of ratlings or just adding the cadian snipers wherever they go(haven't really looked at the army book). In addition, I heard the hardened vets were a great unit so I was thinking on adding catachan jungle fighters to represent them or should I just convert a box of cadian troops? So basically what I'm looking at is:
    -battle force
    -HQ command squad
    -another vehicle(basilisk or leman russ)
    -snipers(ratlings or cadians)
    -hardened vets(cadian troops or catachans)

    I'm aiming for around 1000 points give or take a few hundred(I'm guessing give) so how does that look? Too little or too many things? Is something in there a bad choice? How should the squads be equipped? Any suggestions on doctorines? And what are the catachans like so I could perhaps try something different then my friend?

    Any help is greatly appreciated and I'm not going to be able to visit a GW store until around the first or second week or march so there's lots of time for the topics. Thnx in advance to every1 who helps!

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    Hey Evan, first up, its great to hear that more people are joining the ranks of the guard!!

    Onto advice.... IMO, the most important thing to remember when starting guard is to have a theme (or regiment) in mind, then base your doctrines and army choice around this theme. For example, my own regiment is loosely based on a modern British light infantry regiment, so i took light infantry and comoleoline to reflect this. I decided that my regiment had been in the field for a long time (veterans) and has recieved considerable training (sharpshooter), my last doctrine was spent adding support in the way of heavy weopan platoons to round the army out. So step 1 is pick a theme.

    Next you will need to decide how closely to stick to the background (or fluff) that you have written, whether to base your army list entirely on these choices (e.g. only using easily portable weopans like mortars and missile launchers to go with light infantry) or to just use your background as a vague outline for your force. You will also need to decide whether or not your regiment acts alone, as one regiment will not encourperate everything in the list, (in my case this means no tanks or wierder troops) or if you draw resources from those around you.

    What you decide will invariably determine what you buy, now from what youve said, i would probably suggest either an armoured company, or the mechanised doctrine (to incorporate many tanks into your army), in the mechanised case, the battleforse is a good way to go, add chimeras and your veterans/snipers and your off. For mechanised though, definatly not as you only need/use tanks.

    IMO, veterans are the best guard unit, so id say youve heard correct there.... With regards to conversions, i used the cadian models, and i'd probably advize either the same, or a mix of cadian and catachan (so that they still tie in with the rest of your army).. Im not keen on ratlings however (the models...... *hobbits with guns*) but you can take sniper rifles in either a special weopan squad attached to the HQ or in infantry squads if you take the light infantry doctrine.

    If you want tanks, dont take catachans, as the closest they get is sentinels... They do get kick ass snipers though...

    Errrmmmm... ok. Get back to me if and when you decide on a theme and ill help any way i can, (e.g. doctrines and army choices). I hope that was of use to you!!

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