I have been playing for a while with my Lost and Damned, but the lack of Heavy weapons amongst the Traitors are really starting to get to me. So, I'm slowly getting more and more at peace with the thought of making a (OK, somewhat fallen and chaos-affected) pure Imperial guard army.
I love the multitude of choices that the Codex offers and there are so many of the units I would like to use so I have decided to not use any Doctrines or other "fancy stuff". What I have considered however is the good old prisoners.
The Last Chancers look really good on paper, nearly fits me to well. This makes me wonder, as I'm a complete IG-Noob, am I falling for the oldest trick in the book?
Would it be like creating a mega-über-expensive Daemon Prince that "should" kill all resistance on the board but falls to the first heavy gun he faces?

So, (same but shorter) if you used them, were they any good? Did they add anything but flavour to the soup of pain and despair that is Imperial Guard or did they only cost alot of points?