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    Crusader squads? Initiate neophyte ratio

    i am new to using black templars and was wondering if you guys include neophytes in your squads what ratio do you include them in?
    Is it more effective to have 15-20 man foot slogging sqauds to a ten man rhino squad?
    Any advice appreciate before i go out and buy some new scout models

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    Here's my ideas

    1. Even numbers. This works better for victory point purposes and gives the army a nice balance feel.

    2. Small squads!
    3-4 squads of 6-8 will allow you a wider variety of tactical options in deplotment, targetting and claiming objectives.

    3. A few neophytes work well to soak off power weapon hits in CC. They can also pad out squads if you are short on points.

    4. The Initiates will do the bulk of the work. So there should be a bigger majority of Initiates. I find the following combos to work well.

    5I - 1N
    6I - 2N

    for small squads. Each with Meltagun/Powerfist

    8I - 2N
    for a Rhino squad

    10I - 2N

    For one large kill squad that teams up with a chaplain and champion in the Land Raider Crusader.

    I think that the 20 man super squad is not a very good idea. It would cost far too many points and not be very useful on the battlefield. I usually have 3-4 squads of between 6-8 men footslogging and one good squad oin the LRC and find this works very well in attack and defence.

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