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    Ok my good friend recently became infected by an angry warp entity and is now playing Chaos and my first game vs them was nothing short of ugly.

    I own:

    Marneus Calgar

    Force Commander
    2 Chaplains
    2 Apocotheraries
    Standard Bearer
    2 Veteran Sergants

    19 Tactical Marines
    5 Devastators
    5 Scouts
    6 Terminators
    5 Assault Marines
    1 Drednaught
    1 Rhino
    1 Whirlwind

    He has some bullsit from knowledge I know:

    1 Defiler
    18 Khorne Beserkers
    2 Rhinos
    5 Chaos Bikes
    2 Obliterators
    5 Havocs
    1 Chaos Drednaught

    other than that im not sure.

    But need strats.....

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    411 (x8)

    1. dont take termies in armies of less than 1500 points and probably not in armies less than 2000
    2.you need more tac marines and you dont say what your dev marines have, my anit chaos nilla marines (Sons of Medusa) tends to look something like:
    Chaplain - CA and Ros, bolt pistol, termie hons
    FC - BP IHalo, Power sword, termie hons
    Dread - tl las cannon EA, smoke, flamer, armour killer and subsequently to hold the line in close combat
    9 scouts (8 with sniper rifles) - play pop the demon demon prince and also to take out havocs and supress those asulting troops
    10 marines, vet sgt w power fist, flamer - acompanied by one of the HQs - primary close combat unit
    2 squads of 6 marines: Vet sgt, missile launcher, - fire support, eachj squad equiped with a razorback with TL las cannon for armour busting
    squad of 6-10 marines, vet sgt, power weapon, BP, flamer - acompanied by other HQ and tends to be a second option for assult
    Land Speeder tornado - Assult cannon and H Bolter - there to strike at targets of opportunity - gives me options to assult if I need them, can be used to go round sides and take out guys at the rear, but can also be used to take sting out of things like demon packs
    Whilwind - I dont always put this in against Chaos - it can be good for pinning but the damn armour saves kind of neuters it a little
    Dev squad: 6+ marines, primeraly there with plasma cannon- I take 4, if low on points I take 2 and 2 Missile launchers but the plasma cannon are there to kick the bejsus out of anything like marine squads - usualy firing 4 you will hit with 3, each hit will hit 3 marines, usually after wounding this drops 7 or 8 marines - it hurts alot, particulrly against expensive troops like bezerks
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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    if you do keep the termies then use em against the Khorne, my templar work quite well.

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    66 (x2)

    go to the army lists do a search for warmaster (thats me by the way no not another nickname it's what toastiee calls me)and with the exception of the obvious mistake of 10 sm in a razorback when it should be 6 sm + a missile launcher this is the army that regularly wipes the board of all comers (yes i know it is an expensive list to buy but hey victory never comes cheap)

    find a copy of the old ultramarines codex and check out the chapter organisation chart in there specifically look at the organisation of the actual battle companies and then compare it to the standard force organisation chart

    (asuming you have done this you will notice a uncanny resemblence between the two)

    and after all is said and done remember it is your troops that will win the game for you not the twin linked lascannons that can only kill one (Ill say that again ONE) guy per turn and dont tool them up most people freak when they see 60-80 space marines on a table this being 60 tactical marines (900pts) 20 jump pack troops (500 pts only used 1400 so far) 10 devisdators+weapons (300pts 1700pts now)

    so still with 300 pts left to spend there is 90 space marines so far
    throw in 115 pts for a chaplin + jump pack + plasma pistol and you have 185 pts left just enough for a predator anhialator/dreadnought or dare i say it 10 vetern space marines at 180 pts

    so there you have it 100 space marines in 2000 points throw that against the chaos scum and watch it whithered away under the righteous hail of loyal bolter fire
    WARMASTER of the SCHOLA PROGENIUM Alnwick Chapter (soon to be the world)

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