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    Help with Inquistor and Henchmen

    I'm trying to build a 1000 pt. army of Space Marines that will be using an Inquistor Lord+henchmen and then some sort of assassin. My space marine chapter will have "see but don't be seen" and "trust your battle brothers" so that i can infiltrate in my hq command squad and dev squad with multi meltas/plasma. I thought about running another small dev squad not infiltrated in with 4 missiles and a sergeant. Basically I'd like to know what is a good way to set up this Lord and henchmen to probably give ranged support to my infiltrating groups. I was thinking of possibly the callidus assassin though i also like the other 2 non psy ones. I know they are somewhat situational but i'm looking for one that i can field in most games with some success. My worry about the eversor is if i lose initiative he'd get wasted before he could move/shoot/charge to make use of his great assaulting ability.


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    If you're looking for fire support, there's a standard "shooty" build that works wonderfully. To wit:

    Inquisitor [Lord]: psycannon
    2x Gun Servitor: heavy bolter
    1x Gun Servitor: plasma cannon
    2x sage
    1x mystic

    Add in a dedicated chimera transport (turret multilaser, hull heavy bolter) for extra power. Usually, I run it empty, but it can be handy if there are few decent deployment spots and/or it'd be advantageous to set up a firebase beyond the deployment zone.

    The best overall assassin, in my opinion, is the Callidus. Her advantages:
    * A Word in Your Ear: break up enemy formations, pull a unit or character out of cover and into firing range
    * Polymorphine: appear anywhere and always get the charge that same turn; she's the ultimate "Surprise!" weapon
    * weaponry: in melee, no saves of any kind are allowed; and the neural shredder is an AP 1 template, devastating to any unit with avg LD 8 or lower
    Her main disadvantage is that she's not really a combat monster, and can be killed easily if you point her at the wrong target.

    Nearly as good, and 25 pts cheaper than the Callidus, is the Eversor. This is the combat monster, if you're looking for one. He can and will take down just about anything: entire squads of space marines, tanks, even tyranid monstrous creatures. Like all assassins, you can't leave him exposed, else he'll get shot dead quick. But there's no excuse for you not to always get the charge with him. He's got a 12" charge range! And with biomeltdown, he's useful even when he dies. Sometimes, you can even want that to happen.

    For your list, I doubt you'd get much use out of the other two assassins. Consider the vindicare only if your opponent's strategy depends on special weapons hidden inside of units. The vindicare is a great way to take those annoyances out.
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