After finishing of my 'nids, i'm going back into the imperial guard army i started but left to gather dust in my drawers. So at the moment, i'm tryin to draw up a list based on the stuff i already have. Unfortunately, i'll have to get a new codex as i lost mine

Anyway, what i have is this:

2x officers with plasma pistol and power weapon
1x officer (or commissar) with laspistol and power fist
1x officer with power weapon and bolt pistol
medic and standard bearer
3x Heavy weapons (1 heavy bolter, 1 autocannon and 1 missile launcher)
1x Leman Russ with hull mounted lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons
4x Grenade Launchers
2x flamers
and about 70-odd normal troopers with 1 sergeant and 1 vox caster to each 10 men

i was thinking of going a simple army to start with an HQ command, a platoon with 2-3 squads, hardened veterans (which i'm actually in the middle of converting), and i was looking an idea someone mentioned on here of a conscript platoon with a commisar.

What i definately want to take is the hardened veterans with a lascannon (once i get one) and 3 plasma rifles. If someone can give me suggestions on what else works well as a standard static choice, it would be most welcome.

Eventually, i want the army to be largely troop-heavy, hence my choices for purchasing already.