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    Minor Divergence Help!!

    After fielding the Black Templars several times, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not playing to their strengths. So I have decided that I am going to play a Chapter with a Minor Divergence. The options for my Minor Divergence stand as either See, But Don’t Be Seen vs. No Mercy, No Respite accompanied by We Stand Alone. I’m having difficulty deciding between these too traits any feedback on as which trait would be greatly Appreciated. In perspective, my strategy generally relies on a blitzkrieg covered by whirlwind artillery.

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    My army is a Major Divergence force with the Traits from Dutiful and Sombre.
    I use both "See but don't be seen" and "No mercy No respite" coupled with "eye to eye" and "Death before dishonor".

    The traits allow me to have a very diverse army, ability-wise (furious charge and infilrate seperately not together).

    My advice would depend entirely apon what way you like to play:

    If you prefer CC then Dutiful is a good trait allowing for either good anti-xenos abilities or multiple assault weapons per squad. But the Feirce trait is as well opting for more CC weapons per squad, hence more attacks.

    If your more of a stand-and-shoot guy then Courageous is good as it helps when you do get assaulted with either true-grit or Counterattack.

    So it really depends on your play style more than anything else. If you give us some more info we could probably be of more help.
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