i was wondering what you guys think of taking flesh over steel and die standing together?
is it smart? my fast attck choices will be taken up by tornado's and assault marines

it is the only way i cabn think of that i can get See but don’t be seen and No mercy, No Respite

it would also fit my fluff:

they are a raven guard succsor chapter that loves to infiltrate and get messy

The hawks do not use many drop pods, since the course can’t be changed after release. The chapter does have a lot of thunderhawks since these can deliver troops fast and is capable to relocate and change directions if better targets are located.
Also the fact that thunderhawk landings leave almost no mark behind, in stet of a half demolished pod is important since there is no place from where the enemy can track the troops or even know of their presence.

does my choice makes sence?
thanks a lot