Well I was reviewing the armored company rules briefly the other day after taking delivery of my griffon and Bassilisk. What intrigued me was the possibility of using a cheap (points wise) artillery company comprised of up to 4-6 griffons for troops and 1-2 bassilisk for heavy support.

Now reviewing the list in army builder it was forcing me to take chimera's for the command and elite tanks. However seeing as how they have some above average BS a 100 point chimera with extra armor, hull HB, Turret HB or ML, Pintle stubber or add on HK missile for anti armor work and some smoke comes in at less that 100 points or so.

So how would you go about fighting with an artillery company. A demolisher or a few hell hounds might come in handy to slow down the enemy assault, a squad of storm troopers with a suicidal chimera (hull or turret flamer) would also be of assistance.

The weaknesses of this list is that the bassilisk have some severe range limitations to include most of the middle of the board so a 12-18" maneuver corridor depending on where they are deployed. The griffons can cover with with their lower strength ordinance as could the chimera's, elite slots, and fast attack slots.

So I guess my question is who has fielded an artillery based armored company? Obviously it was tactically challenging but was it fun? I would imagine it would excell at eating through Nids and Orc armies along with Eldar, Dark Eldar and foot imperial guard (1st turn being key... he who shoots stands a great chance of having an advantage for the rest of the game especially with the fragile nature of vehicles in 40K).

What tactics or army building techniques would you offer to other forum browsers who might one day ponder making the investment in the up to $200-300 for the artillery vehicles if they weren't converted/Dual purpose ones.