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Thread: Librarians...

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    Hello eveyone,

    I was flicking through my SM codex and a thought came to me, would a librarian army work?
    So anyway i've come on here to ask for your advice/help/suggestions for a librarian based army. It would be comprised of 1-3 librarians, one in termie armour, one with bike/jumpack and one in power armour. There would then be a Command Squad and/or a Termie Commmand squad and/or an assault squad.
    If anybody has any ideas for this e.g. name, traits etc then i would be very happy.
    Thanks in advance :yes:

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    Just here to point out you cant have 3 seperate HQ's.

    You get 2 HQ FOC slots.

    In each of these slots though you COULD have 2 librariens as detailed on page 21 of the codex.

    So, basically you can have up to 4 libs in an army, but only in a max of 2 different squads.

    Librariens tend to be expensive though so this is gonna eat up a lot of your points. Should be fun, but not terribly competitive unless you face things that are inherently weak VS librariens.

    One of my favorite tactics is using 2 librariens with FotD in conjuntion with teleporting or drop podding. Against lower leadership armies it makes a complete and utter mockery of their lists. you have the option of placing the libs as far appart as posisble to cover the maximum area or you can keep them close together to force a double test. Ive sent hundreds of points worth of IG fleeing off the board using this tactic in a single tunr. Woe be to those who do not use vox systems.
    Mentor of Space Marine Commanders far and wide.

    Efficiency VS Point Cost VS Ease Of Use - Your best bets:

    1) Chaplain led Assault squad - 2 plasma pistols, powerfisted sergeant

    2) 8 man Devastator squad - 4 missile launchers

    3) Land Speeder Tornado - HB + AC

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