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Thread: Air Support

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    Air Support

    Hello All,

    My question is, do you here at LO beleive that getting a vulture would be worth my while, not only in points but also cash.....

    My current army is all-infantry guard, and i could benefit from some heavy hitters, the loadout i am thinking of is 6 heavy bombs (not sure about smart or not), heavy bolter and twin-linked autocanons. I reckon with this payload, it should be able to take down anything short of a land raider with relative ease (due to its ability to hit the rear armour). It would also be a serious threat to non MEQ infnatry.

    What do you think??

    Inquistion force WIP. Pics on posts 17 and 23.

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    OK adding a vehicle to an all infantry army is generally a mistake as it actually gives targets to your opponents AT weaponry. Fliers make a nice exception to this, the addition to range and difficulty hitting makes it far more impervious to AT weaponry.

    Assuming the anderful world of super heavies are not really an option (Marauders) and that shuttles and such are out, that really leaves Lightenings, thunderbolts and Vultures and valkyries.

    These can be paired as follows:

    Ligtening/thunderbolt, the lightening is a lighter aircraft (difference in game terms is less weaponry) the thunderbolt can make an excellent hunter of light tanks (all that autocannon goodness menas if you face AV12 or less, this thing can chew the appart, pretty much gaurenteed, making it very effective against most army transports and some (eldar) tanks. It isnt hugely expensive (when compared to other fliers) and so is a good buy although does follow the conventional "Plane" embodiment. Both the lightening and the thunderbolt are capable of dogfighting and thus dealing with oponents fliers

    Vulture/Valkyrie - ok lets rule out the valk first, it has a smaller weapons option than the vulture and although it can transport troops, doing so, in any meaningfull manner leaves it exposed, ridiculessly so if you engage VTOL mode. The vlakyrie presents a very usefull addition to an IG army (or mine certainly does). IT can play AT role - TL las cannons and Hellstrike missiles make it very nasty, but I prefer, as you seem to, anti infantry, the nose heavy bolter is a given, the inner hard points - TL las cannons is obviously not an infantry killer so down to the rocket pods or the TL Autocannon. Me I take the autocannon, pronciply so it can have some flexibility and go for transports too. The outer hardpoints, again, missiles (HK or hellstrike) are anti tank, so we are talking bombs or roket pods (ignoring the temptation to take fuel tanks) . Now initially I wnet down the same route as you, but 1. the bombs are not meq killers, meqs will get their saves so they are not uber powerful. 2. they follow ordinance rules, you are not going to get 2 templates on top of each other, therefore even if you get all 10 in a squad under the template, MEQs will survive 2 times out of three 3. You pay for 6, you use ???? in the end, despite having bought the bombs, I take the rocket pods, 4 blast tempaltes are just as effective, if not more so than the bombs, very few non meq squads can survive the fire power and you are not wasting points on the bombs you dont use or running out before the end of the game.
    Wordof warning - Vultures/valks, follow the role conventionally carried out by helicopters, they can not dog fight, if your opponent takes airraft they rapidly become sitting ducks
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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