hi all.
I have just started space marines (this does not mean im a newb) and will be geting my first major troops on my b-day in 10 days or so.

And considering im starting a new army i thought mmmmmm. This Medusa V stuff looks bonza. So i am makeing a cites of death army.
My own Chapter The Angels of Ultra have
advantages: Hounor your wargear & Suffer not the alien to live. (Tyranids)
Drawbacks: Eye to Eye & We Stand Alone

So out of this devastators as you can see are my favorite unit of the space marines so i plan to have two of them mounted on both flanks. I also plan to have 1 three man speeder squad for quick objective grabs ect. and a few infiltrators.

I would love for you to post any special squad combos you are makeing for cites of death as well as tactica.

ty for posts.