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Thread: Drop Pod Rules

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    I thought I understood how deepstrike via drop-pods (I'm an ork player traditionally) but lately we've had players who've been debating exactly how this works.

    The SM codex says something like: Only ordinary SMs, terminators, scouts, dreadnoughts, and land speeders can be deployed via drops pods. No other models can be used in the mission.

    Does this mean that the SM player using drop pods starts with no units on the board and can't use any sort of heavy support, attack bike, rhino, etc.? :blink:

    If that&#39;s true, how do the Raven Guard fit into this since supposedly their scouts can "guide" drop pods and speed their arrival? Theoretically, if you had really poor rolls, that means NO ONE would show up at the battle. That seems a bit odd. <_<

    I looked for a clarification amongst GW&#39;s SM FAQ but couldn&#39;t find any clarifications. Can someone explain exactly how the rule is supposed to work?


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    You are indeed correct on the Drop Pod rules:
    Only marines, scouts, Dreads, Speeders, and Termies can Deploy via Drop Pods, so you still get FA and Heavy Support, in the forms of Devastators, Assault Squads, and Speeders.

    They all start off the board and come in via reserves, deep-striking when they become available.

    But, I beleive the RG rules are the exception to this, though I&#39;m not sure
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