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    Help, Starting space marines

    I Am thinking about starting a new space marine army, but im not sure. i had a dark angel army when i was young but i messed up be giving the 2 guns or 2 chainswords. Then i got sick of how arragant they were a did a necron army cuz they were powerful. Then Tau caz they were tatical, then IGs cuz they an incredable army. But some how i finished the IG army and now im borred.

    So alot has changed for space marines and im am thinking about switching over, but i need help.
    What are the Blood Angels like?
    What are the Space Wolves Like?
    Did the Dark Angels get there shat togather? I like the color scheme and i want to start them up again but im not me.

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    Well. The Dark Angels are still going to be arrogant sonsabeeches for at least another 1.5 years. The new codex may or may not change them.

    Space wolves are like the normal Space Marines, but with Devastator squads which can target 2 enemies (Long fangs), True Grit, HQ Dreadnaughts, 3 Powerfist squads, & a 13th company of werewolves who have about a gajillion attacks in CQC. A good theme behind a strong playing field.

    Blood Angels are the most Uber close range dudes there are. Every Blood Angel has Furious assault and they can field a staggering 9 ASSAULT MARINE SQUADS!!! The death company is a non-negotiable part of your army and must be accounted for. A whole squad of free, powerfist or sword wielding zealots with no fear of death, which is just as well because they're fire magnets. Blood Angels can be very unpredictable with their 'red thirst' rule, which is just like Khornate Berserkers' rule.

    That answers all questions you asked, any more?
    Post your army lists in the ARMY LIST section! Not that hard!

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    Space Wolves are all about balance, character-unit interaction, unit coherency and proper support.

    The idea of a "pack" really does fit the list, and Blood Claws will not dominate the game without support from Grey Hunters, and vice versa. Each unit is fitting to one extreme or the other. The only tactically balanced squad are Grey Hunters, but they tend to be the premiere in tactical ability, especially where drop podding is concerned. Space Wolves have fantastic fluff and still a very competetive list in 4th Edition. They're required to take multiple HQs, but it can be as much of a bonus as a drawback if you learn to use them properly. The lack of HQ abilities recieved by all other chapters is annoying, but SW HQs are still extremely potent.

    I'll give you a brief rundown of some of the main units.

    Blood Claws: The hot-blooded youths
    8-15 man Packs
    Come with BP/CCWs and Frags
    Up to three Power Fists, Power Weapons or Plasma Pistols (one for every five models, rounding fractions up)
    Up to 1 Meltagun, Flamer or Plasma Gun
    Reduced WS and BS
    Bonus attack on the charge, aside from the normal.

    Blood Claws are extremely tough in CC, and tend to wipe out entire units in a single round if given the charge. A BC pack can easily rack up 50+ attacks, and even with low WS will hit a good majority of the time against WS4 or less. Power Fists are the order of the day here, to make every hit count. The only drawback to Blood Claws is the fact that they must charge any unit within range unless accompanied by an IC, which could end up with them being led around by a Land Speeder. But, should your ICs be elsewhere, i've found adding in a Wolf Guard Leader with a bolter, and shooting at said unit during your shooting phase if it's a land speeder or something similar, you do not have to charge it, and can move away next turn. There are also Blood Claw bike packs and Jump Pack squads, but those tend to be less used due to the fact that SW ICs may not select Jump Packs. They can take bikes, but they are very expensive.

    Grey Hunters: The main fighting force of the Space Wolves
    6-10 man Packs
    Can be outfitted with Bolt Pistols/CCWs or Bolters/CCWs
    Up to two Power Fists or Power Weapons
    Up to two Plasma Pistols
    Up to one Plasma Gun, Flamer or Meltagun
    Slightly more expensive than basic marines
    True Grit

    Grey Hunters are the be-all end-all of balanced troops in my opinion. Aside from long range support, they can handle any job the game can throw at them. They are equally strong in CC and mid-to-short range firefights. To many, Grey Hunters are the ultimate Drop Podding unit, and are rightly feared when they pop up in your battle line.

    Wolf Scouts: The Lone Wolves
    4-6 man Packs
    Can be outfitted with Bolt Pistols/CCWs, Shotguns or Bolters
    Up to two Power Weapons
    Up to two Plasma Pistols or Sniper Rifles
    Up to one Flamer, Meltagun or Plasma Gun
    One squad can be equipped as Codex: Space Marines
    A single squad can deploy from your opponent's table edge

    I don't think many units earn more cries of cheese than Wolf Scouts. In many of my games, I can't help but laugh at my opponent's face when my Scouts come up on his table edge, blow up his big, expensive tank with plasma and melta fire, and then charge his heavy weapon squad and eat them up with power weapons. They can very, very quickly make their points back against any shooty army in existence.

    Long Fangs: The Elders
    2-4 Long Fangs, Pack Leader
    Up to four Heavy Bolters, Lascannons, Plasma Cannons, Missile Launchers or Multi-Meltas. (each long fang is required to take a heavy weapon)
    Low model count leaves no meat shields.

    I don't see too many people run them, but I do, and the 4 ML combo makes for a great multi-tasking unit. As long as the Pack Leader is alive, the unit may split fire at two seperate targets, which is an extremely potent ability. I tend to bring a Wolf Guard Leader with just an auspex to soak a wound, and get early shots at any infiltrators I might have trouble with in the first two turns.

    Wolf Guard: The greatest heroes of a Great Company
    4-9 man Retinue
    Up to three heavy weapons, depending on armor. (Termie: Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Cyclone Missile Launcher) (PA: Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Multi-Melta, Plasma Cannon) One weapon for every three models, rounding fractions up.
    All Wolf Guard have access to the armory
    Buying a retinue can allow your ICs to utilize Drop Pods
    Rock-hard combat unit with two attacks base
    Slightly high-priced

    Wolf Guard are the ultimate command squad. Most run termies these days in a Drop Pod for the two assault cannons. Picture this: Your drop pod lands, out come 4 Wolf Guard termies with 2 ACs, 2 PFs, 2 PWs and 2 Combi-Meltas. And then add a Wolf Lord. Wolf Guard are fairly expensive, especially once you start adding gear, but I can't say i've ever had a regret when I have taken them. Very few units in 40k can charge in and roll up a battle line like WG. Further, instead of a unit, you can buy single Wolf Guard to lead your squads, instead of veteran sergeants. They have access to the armory, and can make a three-PF toting BC pack a four-PF toting BC pack. Just ponder over that for a while.

    Leman Russ Exterminator: Big f***-off tank
    Comes with a twin-linked, turret-mounted autocannon
    Can upgrade to a hull-mounted heavy bolter or lascannon
    Can upgrade with heavy bolter or heavy flamer sponsons

    This tank is interesting. Most SW players avoid the lascannon and stick to maxed out HBs. I would do the same. Since vehicles can't fire at multiple units as standard, multi-tasking them isn't a very good idea. Let your Scouts, Long Fangs and Land Speeder Tornados handle armor. This baby can pump out 12 HB shots and two twin-linked AC shots a turn, which will put serious hurt on any mid-to-low armor infantry in the area. Further, it's front armor is a whopping 14, making it a much stronger rolling cart of death than the predator. Finally, while it is very expensive, it is a representation of the primarch, which is never a bad thing.

    Venerable Dreadnought: One old dog that doesn't need new tricks
    Can be equipped with an Assault Cannon, Plasma Cannon, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Twin-Linked Autocannon, Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter or Multi-Melta
    Can be upgraded with a Heavy Flamer or Missile Launcher
    Allows you to re-roll to see who gets the first turn
    Venerable as Codex: SM
    Improved WS, BS, Init and Attacks

    If you're thinking Codex: SM Dread.....stop. The Ven Dread is the toughest sumvagun in a sarcophagus, and with his extremely wide choice of weapons and improved stats makes for a nasty beast. Not to mention, and make sure you catch this, he can be taken as an HQ. For all the times I hate the retinue rule, I just give myself a wolfy grin and think of this monstrosity. Sometimes it dies early, it's a vehicle. But on countless occasions this metal behemoth has gone toe-to-toe with Tyranid MCs and pasted their ugly asses to the floor. I never leave home without mine.

    Aside from all of that, as well as Wolf Lords, Iron Priests, Wolf Priests, Rune Priests and Wolf Guard Battle Leaders, you may also make use of the following units from Codex: Space Marines:

    Whirlwinds, Vindicators, Predators, Land Raiders, Land Raider Crusaders (maximum of one), Land Speeders, Attack Bikes and Dreadnoughts.

    I'd do more, but I have to run. Hope this gives you a little insight into the SW.
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    BA are a great army to play in terms of keeping you in the game. Let me explain, their special rules keep you on edge at every turn. It is an army that requires alot of tactics of maneuvering, and cover jumping. It can be very assault esque, with assault squads, DC (Death Company), and scouts work great with BA's over almost every other SM army. It also is very effective at range, you can work your squads to be shooty with lascannons or other heavy weapons, and when the enemy gets close, tear them apart. The only problem with this is the red thirst which may render you unable to fire your heavy weapons, but every army has it's drawbacks.

    Another thing i like about the BA's is that the GW website describes them as very humble, if you will. They are under constant inspections done by the Inquisition to see if they are "heretical' (with the blood drinking and all). But what i like about them is how they dont care what others think about them, they know that the black rage makes them stronger, not weaker.The BA's are responsible for numerous victories by charging and trying to rip the enemy limb form limb with their bare hands, literally! One instance such as either the battle at hive tempestora or one of the battles of armegeddon, the imperial tacticians donned the area in which the imperium was preparing to attack, impossible to be assaulted. However the red thirst took hold of the BA's and launched them into a killing frenzy, what was thought to be impossible, the BA's accomplished. See link -->

    I also love the fluff on the BA's, it is so in depth and closely related to their primarch, and his sacrifice. In gaming terms the DC is one of the, if not the deadliest units in the game. See also link above, for a brief description. They in game terms get feel no pain, are free of points (dont want to explain the rule and get in trouble ( ), jump packs for free, or a rhino, a vet sarge who succumbs gets either a powerfist/weapon for free, are fearless, and get two attacks base (increaseable to four if given a bolt pistol & CCW and get charge, which is almost certain, and is a definite must).

    The BA's also have access to the Baal Predator which is an amazing ant infantry tank, it gets a twin-linked assault cannon, two side sponson heavy bolters, a pintle mounted storm bolter, and a hunter-killer missile, if desired (which is 13 shots a turn, 12 after hunter-killer is used). The furioso is also a great adition to the army. It is a dreadnought which gets two dreadnought close combat weapons, which grant them S10, and tear attack, it's downfall is it is a HUGE fire magnet, and almost is required to be dropped in a drop pod. All in all the BA's are a great army, but their only downfall in my opinion is that they have very limited customisability. They are a Smurf painted red, but feel free to but shoulder pads, and add-ons from FW.

    Sorry to rant about the BA, just the army i play, but the SW are also a great SM chapter. The, i have heard, also have cool fluff, and are a very easy army to play. the get a chapter trait counter-charge which is awesome for defense, which is all i would recommend doing, uinless playing an extremely shooty opponent. They get true grit, so you never need to worry about being or charging yourself. I dont know much about them, sorry to sound so biased, but I am :yes: .

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    Yes Lusipius I very biased towards his BA, Knowing the guys myself. But with the Space Wolves you get tons of customization. The SW are a totally different SM army, the dont follow the codex astartes at all. As you can see Cypher basically gave you a complete rundown of the units. What he didnt really tell you about is the 13th which if you want a really cool fluffy army take them, they will steam roll armies in ccw and can take out tanks too, also since they are a point costly army you wont need to spend a lot of money on them.:yes:

    Ok the basic troop of the 13th are the Grey Slayers

    They are a basic marine with 2ab and true grit. They can hold their own in shooting with the option to take 2 plasma/melta/flamer/ect guns and you can give them a Wolf Guard to make them more nasty.

    Their elites are freaking sweet.

    these guys are beasts in ccw, with weapon skill, strength, and I, than a normal marine they will tear through normal marines and characters. they also get a free move in the begining and you get to make a "fleet" move. They also benifit from having a high ammount of attacks in ccw and on the charge.

    Storm Claws are just monsters with a ba of 2 these guys can hold their own in combat.

    Also they can have fenrisian wolves which are normal "marines" wiht a 6 save, take then in numbers and they will hurt.

    Oh and all space wolves <big> HATE THE DARK ANGELS

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