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    Need some advice

    I play a Death World Veteran Army. But to make it some stronger for a CityFight i wanted to add some Witch Hunter Units. Do you have any recommendation what Units to use. I was thinking to add a inquisitor lord and a Assasin
    (my english Sux my apologies for this)

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    From the top of my mind I would recommend Seraphim and Cannoness. I personally don't know much about city fight rules but these two units will be able to move about the terrain fairly effectively due to having jump packs. The swift movement should put you at an advantage over foot slogging armies and allow you to strike them suddenly. Their combat abilities arn't too shabby either.

    Long range weaponary can be used to mark certain roadways, heavy bolter retributors would be able to fullfill this role quite well, the problem is that they won't see much action unless your opponent decides to move his troops into the fire coridoor. The squad itself, subject to being still most the time, can be picked off by other fast moving combatants, so you best watch out in this respect if you decide to take them.

    The callidus assain may play quite well in city fight, with lots of terrain about it's harder for her to be picked off with rapid fire the turn she shows up. She also can show up anywhere you please on the table and can bring a good flamer weapon to bare. I would get an Elite inquisitor to fill in your compulsory choice though so you can still gt a cannoness.
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    I'd reccomend an Eversor Assassin. I recommend one to everyone I don't play against. The reason for this is that i don't want to play against one.

    They are scary and can make mincemeat out of a Space marine squad in 1 turn of CC. Your opponent will get worried and try to hunt the little bugger down. This gives you time to move and attack other things.

    In order to kill a well used eversor, you almost always have to commit twice or more the eversor's points value.

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