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    New concept idea

    I've been thinking of this for a while now but have recently been considering it more seriously.

    Sisters are very reliable but in a pure sisters army they are thought of like a basic troops choice while fluff wise they are considered to be prized infantry, though not as prized as space marines, none the less prized enough to wear power armour (which isn't given away very easily)

    Anyways considering stories again, Inquistors work in different ways, some like James Bond with a few allies foil heretic plans, others have their own personal army and sort of just go in rough and tough with no stealth. I was considering going with an Inquisitors personal army idea. It would look something like:

    - Inquisitor Lord and Retinue loaded with plasma weapons mounted in a Land Raider (maybe something else if I want more points...but I've never used a Land Raider so it would feel nice to finally have one.)
    - Cannoness (May not have one)
    - Celestians with flamer weapons mounted in a Rhino
    - Seraphim (May not be included)
    - Storm Troopers with plasma weapons Mounted in a Rhino
    - Storm Troopers with plasma weapons Mounted in a Rhino
    - Inducted Imperial Gaurd Infantry Platoon
    - Inducted Imperial Gaurd Armoured Fist
    - Inducted Leman Russ Battle Tank
    - Exorcist

    As of yet I havn't gone through points cost as it's still just a concept but I thought I'd share the idea. I've also yet to look through an imperial Gaurd codex but to my knowlege armoured fists are reasonable in cost points wise.

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    I always thought it would be cool to do a inquisitors private army. I play Guard and Armored fist squads are reasonable, the chimera costs the same as a stormtrooper butguard are cheaper by a alot. You may want to include a few assasisns.
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    IMO drop the armored fist squad and go for another infantry platoon. Armored fists are just cheaper IST so why go for them when you should go for more numbers with the IG platoons. Not to mention that the IG platoons can give you some heavy weapons WH need.
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