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    Duty and Honour-Rebuilding

    IG where my first army, and i have always come back to them after my 'cravings' to start another army. After not playing any 40k for over a year i dug out the ol lasgun tottin boys and am looking to rebuild my army to a full fledged gaurd company. Fluff wise, i am completely redoing everything. Prior to this, my army has been the Cadian 11th "Imperial Fists", based around the standard cadian models in urban fatigues. I soon changed that by repainting and expanding my army to flat black on black army with red highlights. Now, im looking to change it up completely, because im really not satisfied with my guard anymore. My plan background wise, is for the army to be the releived force of elysian drop troops, only the elysians are already on the ground. Im planning on buying a few squads of elysians from forge world for my hardened vets and my command squad.

    (What the heck are elysians? - http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/acatalog...OP_TROOPS.html
    The actual elysians are supposed to represent the survivors of there covert mission, which the Elysian ground support units rendeivoued with at the extraction. The entire army is going to be the Elysian 7th Airborne Infantry Regiment. My plan is to decapitate my existing models and give them the rebreather elysian heads from FW, and also convert them to be holding the wicked cool F90-STG lasguns (Ahhh Socom-idge!), so that the whole regiment has a cool overall look, with dumping $60 bucks a squad on resin forgeworld elysians. I should have a list up soon and will have a link in this post later when i get it tweaked right. Tell me what everyone thinks of my idea! Currently i have 5 full infantry squads, 2 command squads, 2 squads of storm troopers, 2 leman russ battle tanks, a leman russ demolisher, a hellhound, a chimera, and a basi. Ill also be writing up some fluff to go with it, hope you like!

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