Heya Fellas (that includes and girls out there)

Been a whie since i last visited May its telling me here... damn. I'm not dead yet (HA!! EAT THAT .....well no one really, i don't think you care) Anyway just wondering whats new? I have recently started Vostroyans as an addition to my Sisters Army, not sure if i'm gunna use them as Storm Troopers or just regulars as an attachment, will be a while before i get them down though, i'm re-painting all my Sisters including adding alot of scenic basing for them (heretics arms and entrails and stuff) the new colours are,

Undercoat: Black
Base Coat: Dry Brushed Scab Red
2nd: Dry Brushed Liche Purple
Highlight: Light Dry Brush Blood Red
2nd: Fiery Orange (only really exposed parts)

Despite being what looks a long process its actually really quick and looks pretty good The Tabards are gunna be a dark green or dark blue havent test painted that bit so far, offset colours for the Helms and backpacks will be gold and weapons will be Silver, Let us know what you think

As another point i have suffered a few defeats at the hands of Necrons lately, so i have decided to change tack and go with a Loony army, balls to wall religious nut jobs in about 1000 pts so a few arrows in the right direction would be greatly appreciated even some pointers for tactics would be greatly welcome

Thanks Fellas