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    I currently own 3 landspeeders rigged with HB and AC.

    I have a space wolf army.. and so far I like the results the landspeeders have produced. how many landspeeders would you say is too much in 1700 or 1850 points?

    I am thinking about buying another landspeeder or two... or three... or.. (jeepers.. this is how i ended up owning an imperial guard armoured company "yeah, i'll get one more leman and a second basilisk..... then.. well i should get a demolisher in case i want to try it..... wow that's a cool vanquisher conversion idea i should buy another russ kit and do that!)

    FAST 1
    -4 Blood Claw Bikers w/power fist and meltagun
    -wolf Guard on Bike w/power weapon
    FAST 2
    -2 land speeders HB and AC
    FAST 3
    -1 land speeder HB and AC
    -1 land speeder multimelta

    i'm used to imperial guard(see record in sig.)... so space marines lack of anything over 48" range or the difficulty of allocating precious points to getting more range 48" stuff (compared to the ease of adding heavy 48" range weapons to guard) has made me think i should go for the models that can zoom around the board and deliver precise killing blows to vehicles or other high value units. i figure adding more light units might also save me the grief of losing a tank. i've got an unnassembled exterminator kit and a land raider but they soak up a lot of points that i'd maybe rather spend on my HQVenerable Dreadnought in my drop pod, runepriest attatched to blood claws or greyhunters.

    also, i've been playing against more and more seriously competitive to 'power gamer' lists with my guard army. My mass of space wolves on foot do ok against other mostly foot slogging armies but throw in vehicles and i have a really hard time chasing anything down and end up hugging cover out of LOS so they can survive. 4 of my 5 wins with my space wolves were against less experieinced players compared to the people i usually face with my guard army lists.

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    Conventionally a balanced army will have no more than 25% of its overall points spent on Fast attack, in 1700 and 1850 this would mean 425 and 463 points respectively, spending more than that would represent unbalancing the army. This is not necessarily a problem if it is a decision made knowingly.

    But also be aware the more speeders you use, the larger the speeder squad become, the easier they are to destroy
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