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    Illustrator Extraordinair Adrian MalSeraph's Avatar
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    Arkaan Adeodatus, MkII

    Well, apparently the original thread got annihilated, so I'll repost it.

    Arkaan Adeodatus, Epistolary of the Dark Angels Third Company: Redemption

    Pts WS BS S T W A I Ld Sv
    160 5 5 4 4 3 3(4) 5(6) 10 3+

    Equipment: Force Weapon, Combi-Plasma, Terminator Honors, Stubborn, Combat Shield, Familiar

    Options: Adeodatus may be deployed with Terminator Armor, losing his familiar, at no change in points cost. If deployed in this way, he may take a Terminator Command Squad.

    Psyker: Adeodatus may take any psychic power in the Space Marine Codex, for the point cost listed.

    Special Rules:

    Clever and Cunning: Adeodatus is calculating and patient. He will lay in wait, for days, stalking an enemy, until the time is ripe to strike. To represent this, whenever Adeodatus charges an enemy, they compare Ld and a D6, added together. If Adeodatus wins, the enemy unit strikes at -1 Ld and -1 initiative. If the opponent wins, they fight as normal.

    Advisor: Adeodatus is MalSeraph's closest friend and advisor. He is fully supportive of MalSeraph's decisions. To represent this, if after deployment, both Adeodatus and MalSeraph are on the board, MalSeraph may re-roll his (In)Experience roll.

    I changed Clever and Cunning a bit. Originally it was if the opposing enemy won, then Adeodatus would strike at -1 initiative. Should I keep this, or leave it as it is now.

    Plus, I think he needs another special rule to represent the relationship between MalSeraph and Adeodatus.

    Questions, comments, concerns, changes, and rants are all welcome.

    Last edited by Adrian MalSeraph; July 28th, 2006 at 16:18.

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    Senior Member warrior poet's Avatar
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    Nice...not sure what else to say...but nice...:yes:
    By day he fought with sword and shield.....
    By night he fought with pen and parchment.....
    He was....The Warrior Poet.......

    Fear the ANZAC Clan!!!!!


    Do you have uber micro...????

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