Hello again all. Soem of you will recognize me from the Space Marine forums. Well I've had the beginnings of a IG army for years now, and I am finally ready to get it serious. The Cadian Campaign of yesteryear is what hooked me on the theme. I'm using models from all existing IG regiments first of all. Only ones I don't have yet are steel legion. The Themef or my army is the remnants of Guard Regiments surviving horrible conflicts int he eye of terror. Bound by a common color scheme so far it' working fairly well, especially the Tallarns. Now, since I'm asking for both Opinions and Info in the Tactical and Aesthetic parts of this Army I will, in a week or so begin posting Pics of what's done so you guys that lend me your expeirience can see it shaping into the real deal. :-D

I've played Against the IG ALOT, so I'm aware of many of their strengths and some of the weaknesses. I've also used my small Regiment, (About 40 Some odd IG mini's) As allies in my DH army so I'e tasted them a bit. SO here's a few of the guidelines I want to abide with-

1)LOTS of infantry. (Catachans, Cadians, Tallarns,Steel Legion, and WHFB Plastic Kits to add too anc change up the appearence of my IG plastic Kits. Not too ig on the vostroyans from what I've seen,b ut maybe you guys have an idea that migth make them cool to fit.) HEavy Weapons, support paltoons and all the fun stuff.

2) Sentinels....undecided. I could do some very fun thing swith them, individualizing nad maverick'ing them out. But are they good enough to use? I'd say in an Anti Tank role.

3) Urban Camo is the theme, lots of Dull grey' and a blue's.

4) Tank wise...Probably stick to the Leman Russ. Maybe ab earthskaer..but not sure if I'll even do tanks for thems ince htey are a cobbled together regiment. Thinking Chimera's if they actually maek ad ifference, sinc emoving guard fast seemt o only get them killed.

5) ROugh Riders- Are they worth it? And Gimme an idea on how hard to convert, Becasue I am not using Gehngiss Khan and his horseriders lol.

6) Storm Troopers- DO they kick ass, or jsut look pretty? And if they look pretty...well pretty enough to let in on aesthetic value alone?

What I have-

20 Cadians
20 Catachan
4 Tallarn
2 Valhallans
2 Cadian Officers with P fist, and Bolter.
Gaunts Ghosts Command set.

Do lemme get soem ideas tactically or aesthetically?