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    BT Cenobyte Servitors

    How would you model CS for the BT's? I don't really want to get a Chaplin Grimaldus and I don't like the models for the CS that come with him. The fluff says the CS are failed neophytes. Would it be possible to convert scouts and gimp them up with tubes/ straps/ icons? Or does anyone have any other ideas?

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    Use these bits

    Use a Scouts head and maybe add a banner like the GW models


    I think that would look a lot better then the GW models and you can give them any weapons you want
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    Quote Originally Posted by C'Tan Pooky
    Would it be possible to convert scouts and gimp them up with tubes/ straps/ icons?
    In a word, yes! The plastic scouts are almost perfect for convesion in this manner. They are plastic, so are easy to chop up and add new bits and pieces to. The sniper scouts are not very useful however, as their torsos are so static and more difficult to convert. KOS-MOS has already pointed you in the direction of the suggested BT bit packs, they will be a good source of parts for creating you own cenobytes.

    Some things to think a bit about before converting:

    - Head. This is going to need a fairly neutral expression (no raging emotions in a servitor) and ideally be pimped up with bionics. An ideal head for this would be from the new night-vision optics equipped sniper scouts, so you could get a box of them just for the heads, but htat might turn out to be a bit expenisve.
    - Arms. A bit of conversion here and there and getting the correct equipment inthe the servitor's hands should not be too difficult. There are plenty of spare bits in the scout sprue, so you will have a nice choice of which arms to use.
    - Tubing and wiring. This will be easy to make. Just drill tiny holes all over the body and have wires running between them (i.e. from the spinal cord down to some large hand mounted weapon etc). You can use plain old electrical wire or guitar string for the wiring, and any surgface hugging wires can be made with green stuff.
    - Chains. As with all black templars stuff, chains play a heavy part in the decoration of the model, so either grab some cheap jewelers chain, or some model ship making chain and apply it to the models you are going to make.
    - Other bits. Things like control boxes where several wires converge, small power packs, exhaust vents and pneumatically assisted limbs are all commonly present on servitors. Think about adding some of those to the model.

    Hope this helps mate, good luck with the scout-cenobyte conversion!


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