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    what should i get next?

    I play dark angels, and was considering moving into a deathwing army, but as i only have assault termies and dreads i have come to understand that this does not make a good basis for a deathwing army. As a result i'm looking to expand my Dark angels force. there are a few options i am considering these are:

    getting 2 or 3 LST's

    a land raider

    an assault squad (i've already got 5 assault marines) and a box of normal termies.

    i like the sound of LST's because they look cool,they seem efficient, and they have AC's

    if it helps here is the rest of my army:

    2 commanders

    termie chappie

    5 assault termies all with claws

    2 dreads 1 hellfire and the other just plain

    about 30 marines incl 1 plasma cannon and 2 missile launchers

    10 scouts (9 sniper's and a heavy bolter)

    5 assault marines

    4 bikes

    vindicator/pred annihilator

    thanks alot in advance for all your tips and suggestions.

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    I would fill out the squad of assault marines and get some more tacs probably maybe a chappie with jump pack. Look here for heavy weapons and cheaper stuff.
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    the assault bikes are nice models, and harder to kill than ordinary bikes. You would need more of both for Ravenwing, to go with those really cool landspeeders. Deathwing are all terminators, you want some more normal squads. Expensive ! Thinking about going Dark angels myself, loosing my enthusiasm for Ultramarines.

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    I think that the more diverse your marine company the more flexible you can be. I would focus on fleshing out the units you have but that are weak from numbers and getting something new.

    -With the intractable rule I find Devestator squads are very effective. Consider getting 2 more ML to make a 4ML dev squad and 2 more plasma cannons for your TACs.
    -I think if you already have 5 assault marines you should definately round it out to 10.
    -Make sure your regular 5 man terminator squad has 2 Assault Cannons.
    -I also recommend getting 2 LSTs, they give you mobility and they open up options for claiming things in turn 6.

    2ML and 2 Plasma Cannon models = 1x 8 man dev w 4ML and 3x 8 man TAC w Plasma
    1 assult squad box set
    2 Terminators w Assault Cannons
    Libraian in Terminator Armor
    2 LST

    EDIT: having read your other post about the terminator squad not having any assault cannons I'm adjusting my advice on what to buy from 1 AC to 2..
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