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Thread: gue'vesa army

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    gue'vesa army

    i have previously played a shooty marine army and a troops based tau army, and now i want to try an imperial guard army. one of the ideas I've always loved is an army of gue'vesa going around fighting alongside the tau. since i've still got 40 kroot and 36 fire warriors it shouldnt be to hard to convert some cadiants to give them a tau feeling. i want to make a fluffy yet playable army so tell me what you think of the traits & tactics i came up with

    restricted troops, ogryn's: using krootox models

    restricted troops, heavy weapons platoon: the gue'vesa have no imperial vehicals left aside from some sentinals modified with battlesuit parts and they dont have acess to tau vehicals like the hammerhead etc so they must relie on heavy and special weapons to take out their foes

    alternate orginasation, drop troop: tau make extensive use of jet infintry and skimmers so it makes sense the gue'vesa could have a few simple grav chutes

    skills and drills, close order drill: the drop troops who live through their first battles quickly learn the importance of knowing how to fight hand to hand in the tight formation they always land in

    special equipment, carapace armor: the drop troops and certain outstanding units are awarded with superior armor by the tau. this usualy wont be found outside the gue'vesa drop troops, but people like the gue'o(high command groop)will always wear such protective armor

    as i said above i wont use any vehicals except sentinals, which I probably wont use untill higher points games because of how expensive some of these other things are. as for tactics and army orginzation i plan on dividing my force into 3 smaller forces. the first will be my main force and will always consist of at least half my points. this will be an anchor with lots of big guns. it will sit in any cover i can find and will be made up primaraly of infintry and heavy weapons platoons. it's gunctions are pretty straitforward, shoot the enemy. provide a solid base of fire and give support/covering fire to the other forces.

    the second force will be made of of allied kroot from the kroot mercinary list(probably carnivore's) and krootox(ogryns) this will be a flanking force that will drive up one flank to divert the enemys attention away from the rest of the army and, if they make it to the enemy lines, do as much damage as possable. this force will use whatever points I have left over after i do the other two forces

    the final force will be my deepstriking force. it will take about 1/4 of my points and(until higher points games)consist of one infintry platoon and possably a unit of sentinals. the infintry squads(not the command squard)will have carapace armor and grenade launchers, although im still debating wether or not to give them heavy bolters. the command platoon will have 4 melta guns to take care of tanks, broadsides etc. this force will generally deep strike onto the flank oposite the second force which the enemy will(hopefully)have left lightly guarded so my third force(will support fire from the first force if needed) can crush his other flank. 45 guardsman with carapace armor, initiative 4, and ld 9 in cc is not to be taken lightly in cc or out

    my basic 1k army will consist of 4 infintry squads with grenade/missle launchers and 3 command squads with a medic and 3 plasma gunners in each as my main force with mabey a support fire squard if i can afford it. my deepstriking force will only have two infintry squads and the command with 4 meltas and my flanking force will probably only consist of one unit of ogryn's or kroot. the most common army where i play is tau followed by marines, but every army is played by someone there(even kroot mercs)

    once i get to higher points i plan on using a high command group representig a gue'o. they will have a pastor(stubborn) a master astropath(psyicic hood) 3 staff officers(reroll reserves, everyone with a vox caster has a scanner, reroll 1 scatter die a turn) a master vox(ld 10) a medic(just cause) 4 special weapons(probably plasma or grenade) and carapace armor(12 guys, 5 of them with a 6+ save, now have a 4+ for 20 points, woot). he will obviusly be in the main force as a porwerful support unit. they never run, give my army ld 10, give me a small measure of protection from psycics, have awsome firepower, and all the benefits of staff officers(like rerolling for my deepstrikers)

    as i asked before, is this a viable force? could i actually win some games with these tactics and this army? or will it just look nice and die? and if it will just die, what can i change to make it useable while still keeping it fluffy

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    looks like an interestng plan, just remember since carapace is spec. equipment that means EVERYONE has to have it, not just whatever squads you want.
    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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