All right fellow players(not only marines can play this game), as many of you know, I'm a devoted(some might say over-enthusiastic) Anti-Tyranid Ultramarine player. I'm always organizing huge Ultramarine(and other loyal first founding chapters) Vs. Tyranid battles, often 3-5000pts worth. I just felt like sharing a scenario that is a friggin' blast to play against 'Nids, Orcs, or mainly(like only 1 Armor piece) Guardsmen armies. Here's how it works. On a standard table(any size will do) setup a lot of terrain. Generally city fight works best, due to the overall atmosphere associated w/ alleys and close combat armies.

Option A. Cityfight. On that table have the Hunting team set up all forces along the middle of the board edge, 24" length and 12" into the table. The player needs flamers or characters armed with Frag Grenades to successfully do this. The opposing team has to have 1 HQ, and then all the rest troops, and the option of 1 heavy support, (No indirect fire weapons though.) opposing team then picks a spot for each of his troops inside of a building where it would be feasible to have a cave, such as a manhole or inside a building. The way it works is that the HQ of team B starts underground with the troops, and the HS comes on from a random Board edge on turn 2. The hunting teams goal is to run around and try to put a couple flame thrower blasts into the hole in order to stop the onslaught of enemies. when the hunting team comes within 12" of the spot, or by the 3rd turn, all the enemy troops come out of that hole or all the holes, up to the hiding player and rush the attackers. the squads coming out of the holes have the sustained attack rules, and when they come back on they come from their little holes. When you succeed in dumping flame down the hole, roll a dice, on a 3-6, the hole is cleansed, on a 1-2 the enemy continues to come. If you manage to hit it with 2 flame bursts it will be cleansed. You can do this either in the same turn(recommended) or you can do it over 2 turns. You can also opt to throw frag Grenades into the hole, but for every guy that throws one in, roll a d6, on a roll of 6 it's it cleansed, or 6 grenades. the model with grenades must first stop at the edge of the hole, then the next turn he can throw them in. If the cleansing player cleans out 2/3's of the troop holes(rounding down) he wins. If the hunted team manages to hold back the attack for 6 turns while keeping 2/3's of his holes alive, he wins.

Option B. Killing Guardsmen. My friend has an Imperial encampment table, with barracks and thesuch, so we play it on that one with each platoon or conscription platoon using a barracks to come from, with 1 tank coming out of his tank shelter on turn two.

The holes must be no more than 24" away from Cleanser's deployment zone, and no closer than 14". the holes cannot be closer than 6" to each other.

Obviously if you get monkeyjumped by 1100 pts of genestealers :unsure: , it's probably over, so we worked out a scale on the +/- pts per army.
playing against:
Nids: cleanser has 1/3 more points
Orcs: cleanser has 1/3 more points
Guardsmen: Equal points
Sisters of battle: Equal points
Eldar: Scenario doesn't really work
Dark Eldar: Ditto
Marines: ***** are you nuts?! if so then you are equal to the marines(mmm sustained Tactical Squads...)
Chaos: Lotsa scenario options here, could fight against demons...have 1/3 more points

Word of advise, When I play this, My friend used his 193 dude list, and that was so incredibly....tiring....all friggin, 5 point gaunts and a Huge Hive Tyrant and Carnifex. Not all the gaunts are painted, but about 100 are...This scenario tends to be very frustrating and if you aren't careful, you could get ambushed by 120 orcs.. :blink: ..not a pretty situation. Always really wanted to do this with all death company, and use Brother-Captain Tycho.

Well, that's it for now. I'd really appreciate some feedback on this, and if you have any Q's I'll be more than happy to answer. Thanks.