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    Senior Member white_consulate's Avatar
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    Nothing like a battle to rekindle interest in army

    Hello all,

    It's been a while since I've been on here; ever since I started painting some greenskins I haven't looked much at my marines. Last night for the hell of it I played a simple 1000 pt secure and control game against a Nurgle force with my White Consuls. He had a defiler, unit of 7, unit of 14; both were geared up to the nines and a crazy HQ lord guy. I had (made my list with notpad)

    Scout X ( 8 ) 135 pts
    - vet sgt with power axe
    - frags
    Tactical II ( 8 ) 175 pts
    - vet sgt with power fist, plasma pistol, bionics
    - meltagun
    Dred 160 pts
    - lascannon, missile, extra armour, venerable
    Chaplain 112 pts
    - PP, terminator honours, frags
    Tactical I ( 8 ) 140 pts
    - plasma gun
    - missile launcher
    Assault I (10) 185 pts
    - vet sgt with power sword
    - plasma pistol x2
    - frag grenades
    - no jump packs
    Scout IV (6) 93 pts
    - sniper x2
    - bolter x2
    - HB

    Well, all I can say was my strategy for deployment was simple, stay away from his lord and unit of 14 dudes. T5 power armour...ya, stay away from CC.

    It started off looking bad cause he kept saving everything and his defiler with indirect fire was killing at least 3 guys every turn cause I kept getting crew shaken or stunned with my dred and he had a mutated hull. I'm pleased to say that his lord never saw combat. He stuck with with the group of 14 that were bogged down in difficult terrain, never have I seen such terrible rolls for movement; three 2's followed by two 2's and a 3 to begin the game.

    He never even shot at my shooty scouts, dred, tactical II squad. The only units I had that saw H2H were the scouts and tactical I on the last turn. My Chapplin and assault squad perfered to shot their pistols and watch out for falling shells.

    Eventually I blew up the defiler, my 8 scouts cut his 7 dudes down to 2 then tactical II rapid fired them to death. And the other scouts and tactical I took out 11 guys with bolters and a few plasma/rokkit shots.

    I think he was angry at the end of the game, I had 2 counters to his none, victorious slaughter, YAY!

    Anywho, just kinda got me back into the SM thing, going to paint up my vet scout sgt with powerfist now (would have been uber usefull) and finnish my predator, command squad that is 10 guys; apothecary, vet sgt, 2 lascannons and my librarian to lead them.


    ...and you will know my name is the lord, when I strike down my vengence upon thee...

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    That Which Has No Time Red Archer's Avatar
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    Well, um... congratulations! And welcome back to the Marines. Nice to read about battle-brothers kicking Chaos *ss. I sure hope you upped your battle to the Medusa V databank!

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    Sounds like you played to your streagths and that He forgot the mission.
    breath, sight, squeeze.

    now double tap just for grins

    and Another One bite's the dust.

    A bolter round for all that oppose the Emperor.

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