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    Teleport Homer Cost

    If we have to pay the Landraider pice in SM Codex, because of the new rules etc, shouldn't we have to pay the same for the Teleport Homer?

    Thanks, DH

    "A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril."
    Sir Winston Churchil

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    Not this debate again :rolleyes:

    I'd say, that we do NOT pay the new cost for the TP Homer. This is different than the LR issue - one is a piece of wargear, one is an entire unit. There are a LOT of differences between prices in each army's armoury. We don't pay the same for power weapons, for example, as an IG player does. Thunderhammers are cheaper for us than for Space Marines as a tribute to the army's name - Ordo Malleus, or Order of the Hammer.

    In the last FAQ this was addressed - people were wondering if these differences were misprints or what. GW said that they are intentional - different armies use different items with different results (pardon the terrible word use there ). I believe their example was the price difference of the powerfist between us and the IG. In the hands of an Inquisitor, a powerfist can be a lot more frightening - between the other items in the armoury, his statline, and his henchmen - than it would be in the hands of an IG officer.

    So I'd say that we stick with our TP Homer price - we can use it with a higher percentage of our army, and a Homer-heavy DH list is pretty scary in the right hands.

    All conjecture aside, technically we HAVE to use the DH codex's price. GW hasn't *officially* said that we use any of the new SM stuff, prices or stats. "Official" meaning "printed in a rules book, codex, FAQ, or Chapter Approved". Nothing else - INCLUDING forum posts, emails, and phone calls - is official. It may be stupid, but hey...

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