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    Urgent, Please read!

    Im having a 3000 pt three-way battle at 10! I have two hours to gather some last minute tactical advise.

    Im facing Slaneesh and space wolves. My Sons of Omnissiah are read (I hope) to kick them where it hurts.

    I have a fully 10 man scout squad, a 6 man sniper scout squad w/missle launcher. 3 tac squads (ten each) with plasma guns, cannons, and a power fist sergeant (one has a thunder hammer),
    I have two beefed up command squads guarding beefed up commanders. A master of sanctity in termie armour with termie bodyguard. A command squad gaurding my kick ass librarian. A five man assault termie squad, a five man assault marine squad.
    I have a whirlwind, a pred ahhnilalator, a dreadnought, and two multi-melta attack bikes.and a full servo harness techmarine with a boyguard of 4 HB servitors.

    Any tricks or directional advice (as in what to hit with what) would be nice. And I'm not changing my list...maybe some wargear, but not the acctual list.

    Thank you sooooo much.

    -The God of all Machines


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    im not sure which force you should try to take out first, but i would try to take out the EC first, just remember if you end up in cc with slaanesh, he will strike first which isnt a good thing, so just stick to shooting and you should be fine. dont split your fire between both forces. remember the slaanesh daemon prince will probably have D-Speed so can reach your lines very quickly, and daemonettes can assault when they enter play.

    thats all i can think of, just shoot and only assault when you are mopping up.

    have fun, and good luck
    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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