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    Drop Troop Fun and Gun

    I'm looking into starting IG, and I wanted to get some feedback as to whether or not a more agressive style of drop troop guard is feasible.

    The primary idea is to have all the units able to deep strike (so no tanks, chimeras, and rough riders, I think) with meltas & demo charges for antitank and several suicide squads to take down the nasty things. I give up the first (and maybe second) round, then I can deep strike in and hopefully overwhelm my opponents army. With 14 different units in a 1000 point game, I'm hoping that you won't be able to kill all of them immediately .

    I posted a list in the army list section, but I was told that it would get steamrolled. Which makes sense, since I lose 1/3 of my games automatically (any alpha level missions).

    I was thinking of adding some more stationary elements like Autocannons to provide some staying power in non deep strike missions, but I'm not sure if the concept is doomed to begin with. Any feedback?

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    The good news is, you wont be steamrolled by every army. The bad news is, just most of them.
    You could do well against other IG armies and also against Tau.

    To win with the list that you posted, you will have to be super aggresive. You have to take the chance and deep strike close to your enemies units at the risk of losing the entire squad to a bad scatter.
    Improved Comms is invaluable! Use it wisely.

    One of the other two IG players in my group regularly plays an all deepstriking list. He gains victory through taking out key units that ultimately distract his opponent (including myself) from the objectives. A bit of gamesmanship really helps here.
    It's worth a krak!


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