Personally I think that BA are one of the best armies in the game. The main reason for this is pts efficiency. Why is it so pts efficient? Here's why:

1. +1S and +1I when charging for free
2. Free Death Company with free Rhino or jump packs
3. Black rage on vehicles that can be tooled for short-range shooting hence they get into effective range sooner for free

They are however quite unpredictable and restricted in their army selection (few ppl take Termies due to DC rolls and Devs have a 1/6 chance of not firing)

So what should a BA player take in his list?

1. Lots of marines to maximise advantage 1 and 2.
2. Vindicators and Multi-melta land speeders to take advantage of 3.
3. Rhinos to maximise 1 and 3.

Now a lot of marine players would tell you a Pred is a better choice than a Vindicator. This is true EXCEPT when you are using a BA Rhino Rush and TVR. Not only do you benefit from the increased movement but under TVR you can still move and fire Ord. Preds usually attract less firepower but the thing is if your opponent is shooting at Vindis instead of Rhinos it's a good thing for the BA player.
With so many Chaos players out there a Vindi is a good anti-Daemon Prince choice.

Death Company: Rhinos or Jetpacks?

Personally I think that unless you have a Death Company over 6 models the Rhino is a better choice.