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    Multi-melta old skool rules

    Now everyone experienced seems to think that MM are rubbish and not worth taking, at least on Retributors, and usually on Immolators too. I think this is because compared to meltaguns they give no real advantage. The extra range is countered, or perhaps more than countered, by not being able to move and fire. The actual firepower stats are the same. While this is also true for the Plasma Gun / Heavy Plasma Gun, the HPG makes up for this by being a blast weapon, making it good at killing MEq's. HPG's are therefore a frequent sight on the tabletop, while MM's are only ever seen on Landspeeders and Land Raider Crusaders.

    The thing is under 1st and 2ed rules the MM was also a blast weapon. I think that the MM should go back to being a blast weapon. While it would still be not nearly as good as the Lascannon for tank-killing, it would then be good at melting MEq's. More powerful than the HPG, able to get instakills v T4 (possibly denying Necron WB, better against vehicles, but shorter ranged. I know that if I could fit out Retributors with such a weapon I'd be very tempted to take a squad with 2-4 of them. Imagine the havoc it could wreak on a large Assault squad or a Necron warrior phalanx.

    What does everyone think of such a rule? Overpowering? Still not good enough? Feasible but the points will need adjusting?

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    4 template S8 AP1 blasts using BS4.... I'm not saying I wouldn't melt a GW-painted canoness down to slag for it... but I'm confident they won't even consider it.

    EDIT: Let me speak at length.

    For their point cost, even 24" is devestating range for that kind of weapon.

    S8 AP1 means instant-kill on T4, and four templates means anything with a vunerability to templates rule is going to suffer. Hard.

    The plasma cannon has AP2, meaning no vehicle devestation, and S7, meaning no instant-kills on T4, AND the drawback is that rolling a 1 kills or wounds the soldier/servitor. I know the theory is that 12" shorter justifies these new-found strengths, but from a Witch Hunter player's point of view, I can easily see retributor squads and properly-fitted immolators taking excessive advantage of this rule change.
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